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Written By: Cynthia - Oct• 18•14

The Home Page of the new look Natural Horse World website.

My apologies to email subscribers who received a ‘Password Protected’ post earlier – I didn’t realise it wasn’t going to be visible – so here’s the new version :)

I have so much news to publish (and that will happen soon), but for now this is a quick post prior to launching the new version of the Natural Horse World website and store.

The past year has been spent (somewhat sporadically) giving them a design makeover, and totally re-building all the content.

For those that are familiar with the sites, you will understand what a mission this was – with hundreds of articles and posts all needing checking, updating and re-organising. And that was after reviewing hundreds of design ideas and themes!
It’s still a work in progress, but I have got to the point where I’m happy to share and get some feedback. And that’s where I hope you will be able to help me.

Everyone who answers 4 quick questions in a reply to this email will go in the lucky draw for a $50 voucher to spend in the Natural Horse World Store.   Here they are:

  1. How many articles and posts are on the Bitless Bridles page?
  2. What is the number one reason for using a Slowfeed Hay Net?
  3. How many products are in the Halters & Ropes category of the Shop?
  4. Any other feedback you’d like to give on the look, content and use-ability?

To enter click on the Natural Horse World site/blog for the first two questions, and then navigate to the store from there. I look forward to hearing from you :)

The Lucky Draw will take place at 5pm on the 22nd of October (this coming Wednesday) so don’t miss the opportunity to win the voucher and spend it on any product in the store. The winner will be emailed and announced on the Natural Horse World Store Facebook page.

The new look Natural Horse World Store.


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