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After months of transferring and updating products, and all the workings that go with setting up an online shop, the new Natural Horse World store is live!

nhwstorehomesmlWhat does that mean for you – aren’t most online shops pretty much the same setup with variations in their design?
Well….no. I discovered that e-commerce platforms vary considerably in what they offer the customer.

Here’s why the new store offers a better shopping experience:

  • Shipping rates right where you’re looking at the product – no waiting to get to the checkout, or having to contact the store to find out how much something will cost to ship.
  • When something is out of stock, you can click the ‘Notify Me’ button right there, to be emailed automatically when its available again.
  • You can create a quote from your cart – this is emailed to you and then when you’re ready to buy, just click on the links to go to the checkout.
  • Easy re-ordering from a list of past purchases – just create an account when you shop and all your products are stored for future reference.
  • Ability to see and track all your orders when you sign-in to your account.

There are probably more features I haven’t discovered yet so check it out and  I’d appreciate your comments/ feedback – if you find something not working please let me know!

The only downside for existing customers, is that you will need to request a new password (click on the person icon in the top menu then Forgot Password), as passwords could not be transferred with customer records for security reasons. You should have received an email (if not, check your junk mail), and been given the ‘Bucket of Bonuses’ to celebrate the opening.

If you’re not an existing customer, please join us by subscribing for the ‘Bucket of Bonuses’ to get 10% off your first order, exclusive specials and the Natural Horse Care Guide Book.

After almost as much work as physically moving a retail shop to a new premises, I’m happy the change is made and look forward to focusing on new products like the Radius Rasp.

If there’s anything you’d like to suggest that fits in with my ‘horse endorsed’ principles, please let me know.

Happy browsing and shopping.

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