Bitless Riding Tips

Cynthia and Charlie at Agfest 2011

Cynthia and Charlie at Agfest 2011

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Bitless Basics Overview

Parts of the presentation I did on Bitless Riding at Agfest were filmed and photographed (thanks Saskia and Nikki) and I’ve put together a sample of some Bitless Basics to give a brief overview of some of the things you can teach your horse.
Basics like lateral flexion, hindquarter yields and a responsive backup will improve your horse’s education and your ability to communicate with your horse in any situation.

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You can buy the Bitless Riding Basics DVD here.

Good articles and advice

Disengagement is a Powerful Control

To Bit or Not To Bit – by Janene Clemence
This article details the damage bits can cause to horses.

To Bit or Not To Bit by Dr Amanda Warren-Smith looks at the responses of young horses to bitted and bitless bridles during foundation training.

Bitless Bridles Seen as Safer Alternative for Horses in New Study -  from Previous studies evaluating the behavioral responses of horses to different types of bridles found that horses perform at least as well, if not better, with a bitless bridle than a jointed snaffle. To probe deeper into the issue, Robert Cook, FRCVS, PhD, and Daniel Mills, BVSc, PhD, IL TM, CBiol MIBiol, MRCVS, tested […]
The noseband position of a bitless bridle is important to avoid damage to the nose bone. Choosing the Best Bitless Bridle - by Cynthia Cooper Over the past 5 or 6 years bitless bridles have increased in popularity and so have the number of available styles. Like bits, they can have very different actions and levels of comfort for the horse, so choosing a bitless bridle comes down to knowing how the various designs work and what […]
LightRiderCollageWeb Bitless Bridles – What’s the Difference? - Until a few years ago there used to be very few choices if you wanted to ride without a bit in your horse’s mouth. The Star Hackamore was an old favourite style of bitless bridle. There was the western style bosal, the mechanical hackamore or the rope halter, mostly used by western riders, showjumpers and […]
Getting a Bitless Connection - by Josepha at Q: How do I get connection with my horse without a bit? A: First of all, I ask the question to each person what ‘connection’ is according to them. What people mostly say is the following: “The rider energises the horse with the legs (impulsion), after which the rider restricts the impulsion […]
The term 'on the bit' can be replaced by 'on the bridle' when a bitless bridle is involved. Riding Bitless – ‘On the Bridle’ - By Cynthia Cooper   The term ‘on the bit’ has become commonplace and used to denote a certain frame or level of head carriage and collection of the horse. But what happens when you don’t have a bit in your horse’s mouth? Can your horse still collect and if they do, what can you call […]
BBToniRom How to transition to a Bitless Bridle - By Cynthia Cooper © There’s a saying – “Go shoe-less but not clue-less” so here’s another – “Go bit-less but not wit-less”. (I’m sure it’s been said before)! So you’ve decided to listen to your horse and get rid of the bit. You may have read about or heard of the negative effects a bit […]
Confident riders and educated horses adapt to riding bitless easily. Bitless Riding Differences -   When riding with a bitless bridle, there are some perceived, and a couple of real differences to riding with a bit that will help with your transition and training. Confident riders and well educated horses who have a good basic foundation generally won’t have a problem adapting to a bitless bridle because essentially the […]
Over flexion can be a problem with sensitive horses so check that the reins are providing enough release, and that you are being light with rein contact. Bitless – Challenges and Solutions - © Glenn Wilson July 2011 A look at some reasons why a person chooses to ride their horse bitless. These may be reasons that are not immediately apparent. The decision by some horse riders to go bitless brings many of them face to face with more controversy, more issues, more challenges and more personal revelations […]
Trailriding New Trail Riding Group - Enjoy Trail Riding? Want to see more of the world from your saddle? Want to ride with socially responsible riders? Want to ride Bitless and Barefoot? Want comprehensive public and personal liability insurance? Want to ride anywhere in Australia with like minded riders? Want a nationally accredited trail horse rating for your horse? Want to […]
Cynthia with Bobby and her rider, Astrid. Bitless News - What’s so special about going bitless? I asked myself that as I was wondering what makes people who choose to ride with without a bit different from the rest? I came to the conclusion that we are people who choose to put the relationship with our horse first by choosing non-harmful equipment. We are also […]
Dan and Dollar bareback and bridleless. Inspiration - Dan Files I have been emailing with Dan who is from Martinsburg in West Virginia, USA, for a couple of years now, ever since he purchased a LightRider bitless bridle for his good mate, Dollar. Dan inspires me with his stories about  Dollar and the lengths he goes to take care of him, despite is disabilities. […]
Corrine and Bright Rex in South Africa Bitless News - Bitless Basics Overview Video Parts of the presentation I did on Bitless Riding at Agfest last month were filmed and photographed (thanks Saskia and Nikki) and I’ve put together a sample of some Bitless Basics to give a brief overview of some of the things you can teach your horse. Basics like lateral flexion, hindquarter […]
Cynthia educating at Agfest Bitless Endorsement by Horse Safety Australia - LightRider Bitless Bridles Endorsed by Horse Safety Australia I am very pleased to announce that after almost a year of trialling the LightRider Bitless Bridle and Bitless Noseband, the executive of Horse Safety Australia have given their endorsement. “it is something the executive were happy to endorse, especially considering the quality of the materials in your […]
CarlosRidingDVD DVD Review - Through The Eyes of the Horse – Understanding Under Saddle with Carlos Tabernaberri There are few DVD’s available that specifically cover bitless riding without the need to progress to a bit. Carlos always advocates riding with a halter or bitless bridle and this DVD outlines his approach in a top quality presentation. Using many different horses […]
XrayFrenchsnaffle Bitless News - Two new Articles to read. Both of these articles have the same title, but different information. One focuses on the physical damage a bit can cause to the horse, and the other on a study done to evaluate the difference between young horses started with a bitless bridle or a bitted bridle. ‘To Bit or […]