Cynthia’s News

Website Changes

For some time now, I’ve been working on a major update and overhaul to the website, and it’s finally coming together with a whole new look. My aim is to combine the main website of the info and articles, with the blog and online store so everything is easier to find and use. During this process, I’ll be […]

Equitana wrap-up, and Christmas is here!

Once again Equitana Sydney was a success for our booth with many customers taking home the LightRider Bitless bridles, Best Bareback pads, Slowfeed Haysaver nets, and many more ‘horse endorsed’ products. This was due to all the hard work by Mum (Marian) and Grace from Equibility, along with the help of Jackie from Brookby Herbs. It […]

Moving Matters

Following on from my last news on  moving my home and business to the Tasman Peninsula, I’m now well and truly in the midst of packing, selling things and taking loads to Saltwater River. The 14 horses are all going on 2 trucks this weekend, followed by the caravan and […]

Happy Holidays

This year has flown by as we’ve entered a new era having survived the predicted end of the world! Those who didn’t take that literally will probably have known it signified the end of an old way of thinking – welcome to the ‘Age of Aquarius’. It’s happening in many […]