Hoofcare Tips

Here are some practical tips to make natural hoof care easier and save you some money.

Hoofstandbothtops Make Your Own Safe Hoof Stand - This safe and easy to make hoof stand was put together from items you can find at most recycling shops or even from around your own place. To start with you need a removeable agitator from the centre of an older style washing machine – the larger ones are better as they have a larger, […]
A hoof treated for seedy toe by removing the damaged hoof wall. A CURE FOR SEEDY TOE - Seedy toe seems to be one of the most common afflictions to a horse’s hooves can best be described as a fungal infection which enters through the white line where it has been weakened either by long hoof growth of horse shoe nails. It gets its name from most commonly being found in the toe […]
Hoofbath1 Easy Hoof Bath to Make in Minutes - With the current drought a hoof bath for daily soaking will not only keep your horse’s hooves healthy and supple, but easier to trim too. Here is an inexpensive version that takes minutes to put together once you have the following materials on hand; 4 poles or ‘sleepers’ – 2 long ones approx. 2m and […]
Trimming your own horse is hard work but rewarding. Learning Hoof Care - For some, caring for their horse’s hooves involves the occasional check and clean, and a visit from the farrier/barefoot trimmer/equine podiatrist every month or two. Others like myself, are trimming their own horses to either save money or be more responsible for their horse’s care overall. Whatever role you have, I encourage you to become […]