My favourite horsemanship blogs 6

There is so much advice available online that its sometimes hard to know who to follow. I subscribe to quite a few blogs and these are some of my favourites for working ‘with’ horses using methods that are generally positive and considerate of the horse’s needs and feelings. To get off to […]

Jenny Pearce – Happiness and Wellbeing for Horse and Rider 2

I recently re-connected with Jenny Pearce, a friend from way back, a healer extraordinaire and a fantastic teacher. Jenny’s passion for helping people and horses was  so evident during our conversation that as I learned more about what she is now teaching, I’m inspired to share her gifts and wisdom. As […]

How do you approach your horse training? 1

I have just read a book by notable dog trainer, Harrison Forbes called ‘Dog Talk‘, and I liked his perspective on training methods so much I wanted to share it. In quoting Harrison – I’ve put ‘horse’ in brackets to help you visualise better. “Instead of watching their dogs (horses), I […]

Principle to Purpose

THE SLED By Paul and Karen Lockwood. I was talking with Ron Morgan from TMCA one day and he mentioned having to get a load of roofing iron up onto the February Plain to re-roof Basil’s Hut. He could get the iron to within 1 km of the hut but […]