My favourite horsemanship blogs 6

There is so much advice available online that its sometimes hard to know who to follow. I subscribe to quite a few blogs and these are some of my favourites for working ‘with’ horses using methods that are generally positive and considerate of the horse’s needs and feelings. To get off to […]


I'm very proud of my Amy (+ her sister and brother) who can be trimmed at liberty by my friend Iluwka.

Cynthia’s News

August is the wettest month of our winter here in Tasmania, but this year we seem to have had more rain than average. The horses are coping well with wet boggy pastures as I have some dry areas where we feed their hay. Fortunately, I’ve had fellow horse lover – […]

Lets be Friends First

While most people would like to think they are friends with their horse, and many know that being friendly with your horse is the first step in any horsemanship program, few realise just how far you can develop that friendship. One horsemanship program that bases its philosophy on the unique […]

Friends meet

Horsemanship 2

HORSE AGILITY In only a few weeks this incredibly exciting horse sport has gone from being virtually unknown to having a strong following in Australia. Like the better-known dog agility, horse agility involves horses moving about a course of obstacles including bending poles, ramps, bridges, tunnels and even hoops. It was […]

Andrew Hennell  is helping clubs get going with Horse Agility