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We all feel for those who have suffered as a result of Cyclone Yasi in far north Queensland, and just hope that their animals, especially the horses who would have been out in the middle of the fury, survived. Some reports have indicated that despite devastation all around them and fences down, their horses were ok. I’m sure in the coming days we’ll hear more news and ways of helping those affected.

The Queensland floods 2011 ~ an equestrian perspective

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Queensland Flood Appeal

As we have all seen from the footage on TV, the floods have been devastating for QLD. Many people have lost everything. Apart from their homes and belongings, they have also lost feed and gear. Many horses that were fortunate enough to survive have horrific injuries, are sick, rapidly losing weight and have damaged hooves. As fellow horse lovers we want to help these horse and their owners.

Horse Welfare Tas (HWT), a Northern Tasmanian based horse rescue group, have organised trucks to send up to QLD with desparately needed items. The most needed things are Feed and Halters, Vet supplies etc. HWT have got the truck use donated and are now gathering Hay, Feed etc, however they also need funds to pay for petrol.

Companion Feeds and Needs are organising an auction which will be held on Facebook ( We are asking for donated items to go into the auction. A photo album will be created on Companion Feeds & Needs facebook page containing photos of the items donated. A starting time, bid and finish will be stated with all proceeds going towards the huge costs of fuel to get the trucks to QLD.

Donated items can be either:

* Sent to Companion Feeds & Needs

* Posted to buyer from donator

* or picked up from donator.

Donations of horse gear, feed and veterinary supplies are also needed if you would prefer to donate these.

Please contact us via if you would like to help the many horses like the ones above.

As a small contribution to the devastating flood disaster, artist, Nicole Cameron has  donated two portraits to the AHSA Flood Appeal. A graphite 30 x 40cm (head/neck) & an Oil/Acrylic ~ 50 x 50cm (head/neck) of your own horse.

All proceeds go to helping the flood victims.
If you would like a beautiful portrait of your horse, now is the time to do it while helping the flood appeal. Please bid generously at


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