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Founder Facts by Jen Clingly and Marg Richardson

At the Functional Hoof Conference which is happening right now in Melbourne, Jen and Marg launched their newest booklet to help horse owners access easy to understand information on founder and laminitis.
While there are lots of in-depth books, articles and research papers on this subject, until now there hasn’t been any easy to read and implement action plan outlined for those who have laminitic horses.

Topics covered include: Laminitis. What Is It? What Causes Laminitis?  Signs that your horse may be mildly laminitic – or in the early stages:, Signs that your horse is having an acute, (meaning sudden onset) laminitic attack:, Signs that your horse has chronic (meaning long term) laminitis:, Common problems after Laminitis – Seedy Toe and Abcessing:, My horse has laminitis NOW– What do I do! The Immediate Action Plan, Long Term Action Plan: Which horses are at highest risk of developing laminitis? + Resources and Further Education lists.

This little book is full of lots of information (and colour photos)  to help you understand this common condition, and prevent your horse developing laminitis.

Fact: Laminitis is one of the biggest killers of domestic horses in the world and leaves thousands of horses crippled with lameness

Fact: All horses can get laminitis, including skinny horses and horses in work

Fact: Horses can get laminitis just eating grass or hay

Fact: Overfeeding your horse is just as cruel as under feeding and possibly a death sentence for your horse.

Final Hard Hitting Fact: Because owners can’t see the internal damage, they do not realise how painful laminitis is for their horse; letting it happen before they decide something has to be done. These people often genuinely love their horses. Laminitis is an excruciatingly painful experience for a horse.

The full colour printed booklet is available from the Natural Horse World Store for just $9.95 (with free shipping) or you can download it as an E Book from in the near future.
Special Offer: Buy a printed Founder Facts Booklet and get one free to give to a friend.

Barefoot Education

Equine Soundness is proud to present a first in the barefoot trim industry.

Continuing Education for all Barefoot Trimmers – Farriers are welcome too!

Friday afternoon June 24 – Sunday evening June 26, 2011 at Port Angeles, Washington. USA

We love to share this exciting event with all colleagues, no matter which school you come from, even if you have not been to any school, we love to have you.

As long as you are trimming for other people and for pay, you are invited!

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  1. Nan Catmur

    Founder Facts is an excellent information resource. I have been able to help a few of my students with these type of ponies through information from the book… need to get some more copies as people need to know more. Thanks to Jenny & Marg for an excellent publication. 🙂

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