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Polytechnic Cert. 3 in Equine Hoofcare Course 6th intake underway

With the 6th intake of our Polytechnic Equine Hoof Care course, we are very excited as this is our biggest group yet with some great students from all around Australia plus overseas and still more on the waiting list.

Some Statistics for the courses overall: So far we have had 78 enrolments, some of who just wished to trim their own horses, some have had changes of circumstances since 2007,  but most are still training and we have a staggering 36 qualified practitioners out in the field now, many with thriving hoof care businesses.

We are also very excited that due to the large number of enquiries,the Polytechnic have commissioned us to investigate the planning of a Diploma course which will be a Nationally Accredited qualification, hopefully to start in 2012. So we are now in the early stages of development and discussion with various lecturers in their fields of expertise and will be updating everyone as we go.

Cheers from the Polytechnic Hoof Care crew – Jen Clingly, Marg Richardson, Leigh Martin and Jeremy Ford

One Day Hoofcare workshops via Adult Education

Jen and Jeremy from Wild About Hooves will again be running more Adult Ed Hoofcare Workshops – on the 16th of April in Hobart and on the 14th of May at Deloraine.
Please call Jen for more details on 0408 838198

Functional Hoof Conference Success

Prof. Robert Bowker gets hands on in his presentation.

Marg Richardson Writes: After months of planning and nerves and excitement, the conference has now been held and I can’t believe what an amazing experience it has been.
During the planning stages, We contacted many experienced conference organisers and got some fantastic advice and help. One of our main aims through this was to ensure that our delegates not only received some of the latest scientific research and information but that they also had an incredible experience.

We knew that people will remember things like the food, the networking, the laughs and and atmosphere, but I never ever thought that it would be all of this and so much more.

I guess it would take a book to even summarise the experiences of the conference, but what I remember most, is the laughter, the chatter, people being so excited at meeting up – even the guests from America meeting for the first time with each other on Australian soil, the scrumptious food, the fantastic content of every single lecture, the evenings and more laughter.
I would like to thank everyone that was there for being so much fun, what a brilliant atmosphere between everyone. And how amazing were the speakers and the presentations – every single one of them gave a brilliant presentation. I can’t believe how great Dr. Kerry Ridgway and his hilarious presentation through the dinner, with flood waters threatening to come into the Dinner Hall, sirens blazing – bet that’s a dinner nobody will ever forget – and yet everywhere I looked, there were smiling faces, laughter and people talking.
Thank you to everyone that has helped Rebecca and I with this, I never thought I would do it again, but already we are talking about the next one. Speakers are all keen to return and perhaps we might take this to other places as well.

Equinextion Online Academy Helping YOU Succeed With Barefoot Horses

Lisa Huhn is an internationally renowned mentor in equine lameness prevention and trimming for soundness with over 25 years teaching experience both in trimming and training.

Lisa travels nationwide, giving clinics and courses which empower and inspire people to take an active and informed role in their horses overall care, and has been a special guest lecturer at veterinary universities across Canada and has presented for other equine organizations, equine schools and 4-H groups and private courses.

Checkout the website here

EQ Awakenings Equine Therapy and Education Center

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  1. Nan Catmur

    Totally awe inspiring! Amazing… makes you really think hard about the way we keep our horses and ponies. All horse/pony owners or “going to be” owners need this type of information….. Thanks for sharing , EQ Awakenings…. 🙂

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