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New Donkey Trimming DVD

Pete Ramey have just released a new DVD set dedicated entirely to the hoof care of donkeys. You can read all about it at

Laminitis Research DVD

In the DVD Finding A Cure For Laminitis you’ll meet some of the current researchers funded by the animal health foundation and get a glimpse of their ground breaking work.
Dr Don Walsh, a veterinarian in St Louis, Missouri founded the Animal Health Foundation in 1984 with the goal of identifying the cause, care and prevention of laminitis.
The foundation allocates donated funds to leading researchers in the quest to halt the second biggest killer of horses in the world. Check it out at

Putting the shoe on the other foot!! by the AEBM Committee

We all have our ideas about what makes the perfect farrier/barefoot trimmer, but have you ever considered putting the shoe on the other foot?
Here we take a look from the other side and ask “what makes a good client?”. Some of our AEBM hoofcare professionals put their heads together and this is the list they came up with.
There are certainly some things to consider!

  • Stick to regular 4 weekly appointments (or intervals recommended by your hoofcare professional).
  • Be there ready at the scheduled time with your horse caught and ready to be trimmed – that could also mean drying off a muddy or wet horse.
  • Remember to bring money for payment.
  • Be available to hold your horse and discuss any hoof issues.
  • If you have small children, ensure someone else is available to care for them while your horse is being trimmed.
  • Ensure there are no dogs or other loose pets running around near the horse.
  • Provide a shaded/sheltered, flat area for trimming.
  • Allow enough time for the trim without the need for rushing.
  • Follow recommendations given by your hoofcare professional.
  • Provide an environment for your horse that will encourage healthy hooves.
  • Commit to becoming more educated about natural hoof care through various means, such as information provided by your hoofcare professional, workshops, books, clinics etc.
  • Communication – if you are having any problems contact your hoofcare professional first to discuss them.
  • Where possible, offer your trimmer a drink of water…. or coffee/tea and cake… nothing like a happy trimmer!

And remember, trimming horses is hard work and, whilst you can choose your hoofcare professional, a hoofcare professional can also choose their clients.




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