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Looking for an index of Hoofboots?

– this site has just about all types of boots listed and a boot swap ad section.

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The Swedish Hoof School

Has a new video demonstrating hoof mechanism with and without a shoe from the Swedish Hoof School. The difference is astounding and proves that frog pressure is vital to hoof mechanism.

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Show your support for the team spirit of barefooters everywhere!

What is Go Team Barefoot? You can read more here:

Go Team Barefoot! is about people working together in a positive and progressive way to make a genuine difference in horses’ lives. Go Team Barefoot transcends methods and schools, and instead is about the heart of the matter: healthy barefoot hooves create healthy happy horses. Go Team Barefoot is a place for us to join in unity inside the barefoot movement. If you agree with these ideas, please join us by posting the Go Team Barefoot Logo on your website, blog, or Facebook page! Available here.

We also have a special (rare) sale going on for the next 2 weeks only! $5 off every subscription, $10 off the 10 Year CD, and 50% off all back issues.

Free online preview of Joe Camp’s article from issue 43

Four HealthyHooves Seminar

with Carola Adolf on September 24th and October 1st 2011. – see Events Details below.

Australian Equine Barefoot Movement (AEBM) Inc 2011 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING

When: Saturday, 17th September 2011
Where: Yarra Valley Grand Hotel, 19 Bell Street Yarra Glen, Victoria (in the front Breakfast Room)
Time: 6:30 pm onwards for dinner 8:00 pm meeting opens

We would love to see as many members and friends as possible!
Accommodation is available at the Yarra Valley Grand Hotel, so why not make a weekend of it! For more information go to:
Considering nominating for the committee?

Email us at for a Nomination Form. Remember, it does not matter where you are located as meetings are conducted via Skype. Our President is currently attending meetings from Canada!!

New Soft Hoof Boots

Most hoof boots are made from hard and fairly inflexible materials for toughness, but a new generation of hoof boots made from softer more flexible materials are emerging. Here are two of the newer types:





Equine Fusion Joggers




Equine Fusion Jogging Shoe: Equine Fusion is a Norwegian company who since 2005 has developed equestrian jogging shoes. The high tech shoe/boot with a slim profile and shock absorbing sole that leaves the hoof close to the ground for the effect of natural running. It is easy to fit and apply and the flexibility of the shoe allows it to stay stabilized on the hoof even in tough conditions. The shoe allows natural hoof mechanism for increased health, comfort and performance.

SoftRide Hoof Boots are not so well named as they really aren’t designed for riding, but for rehab, transporting, stable wear etc. Each Soft-Ride Comfort Boot ships with the patented gel insert. These orthotic inserts are the key to the Soft-Ride boot’s success in helping horses suffering from a wide variety of hoof conditions and disorders.

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