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Barefoot Sculptor

Dave McDonald of Mac’s Equine is the inventor of Old Mac Boots and the Pee Wee Bit, and has now come up with another helpful tool in the form of a hoof rasp with a handle called the Barefoot Sculptor.

The handle on the rasp makes the job of trimming much safer, especially for beginners or children. The rasp being slightly smaller and narrower than most, enables the trimmer to ‘sculpt’ the hoof, particularly in the quarters where a natural arch is required for healthy hoof function. The smaller rasp makes this an ideal tool trimming for ponies and foals.

Having a handle also allows you to easily rasp with one hand. Simply hold the hoof with one hand and rasp with the other.
The Barefoot Sculptor kit includes one handle and two rasps. Replacement rasps can also be purchased seperately. Find out more about the Barefoot Sculptor and watch a video of it in use at or purcahse from the Natural Horse World Store

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