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Bitless Bridles are moving on up!

Good things are happening in the world of riding with bitless bridles.

LightRider Bitless bridles approved for dressage competition in the Netherlands

Sarah Joosten riding Orient in the LightRider Bitless Bridle.


Official news – Sarah Joosten reports: the KNHS (Dutch Sports Federation) approved the bitless LightRider Bridle so it can be used as a bitless bridle at competitions in the Netherlands!

Bitless Bridles have been accepted for official dressage at the lower levels in the Netherlands since April 2014.

If you’re in Europe and want to try a LightRider Bitless bridle, check out Sarah’s websites: or


Bitless Ambassadors Rewarded

A new initiative to reward bitless riders for competing successfully has just been launched.  ‘Why Not Bitless: Rosettes for Bitless Ambassadors” is being sponsored by 4 of the major bitless bridle companies (LightRider, Transcend, Circle X and Orbitless) to raise awareness of the achievements of bitless riders worldwide.

Bitless Riders who compete using genuine modern bitless bridles (that blend in with regular bitted bridles) are eligible for an Ambassador rosette when they win or place in approved mainstream equestrian events such as dressage, eventing, jumping, endurance, showing, working equitation, driving, western reining etc. (no rodeo or racing for eg.).
A list of acceptable events is being drawn up and will be published on the website as soon as it goes live.

This international campaign will raise awareness, be good PR with the equestrian associations and bitted riders, support the bitless riders and allow optimum media opportunities in individual countries as rosettes are rewarded.
It may also encourage other clubs, shows and organisations to allow bitless bridles when they see entries from bitless riders could boost their event numbers.

Here’s how to enter:

From 1st June to 31st December 2018 Rosettes will be awarded to any bitless competitor for a win or a placing in a genuine modern bitless bridle* – one rosette per person per show.

Post your best picture from the event, with your rosette or certificate, with details of the event, date, and organiser, on the FaceBook page “Why Not Bitless: Rosettes for Bitless Ambassadors”

Please supply your address by Private Message to Sue Thomas until the website goes live for a formal entry. 

A beautiful Rosette will be sent to you, then you need to take a picture with your horse wearing the new Bitless Ambassador rosette.

WNB Rosettes will not be awarded & pictures will not be accepted if the horse is BTV (behind the vertical) or if the horse is in clear distress, or if the tack is causing discomfort.

Each bridle manufacturer sponsoring this initiative will also award a year-end prize for the best win in their bridle so let’s see your entries posted soon!

*no rope, shanked hackamores, copies or other harsh bridles.

Your Bitless Story competition

What’s YOUR Bitless story? Have you gone bitless with your horse? What were the challenges, and what have you accomplished? We’d LOVE to hear! Send in your story for a chance to win YOUR CHOICE* of these great prizes:

– 40” Equi-Spirit™ Ultimate Cordura Ball from Equi-Spirit Toys.
– Missy Wryn All-In-One Bitless Bridle and DVD set.
– Star Wheel Hackamore from The Horse’s Hoof.
LightRider Bitless Noseband in Leather.

*Prizes: 1st Place will receive their choice of 2 prizes from above! 2nd Place will receive their choice of the 2 remaining prizes, and 3rd place receives the final prize.
All 3 receive a 2-year subscription to The Horse’s Hoof Magazine, and their story published in next issue!

Suggested story length: between 600-2000 words, and include at least 2 photos. The story can be text or a doc file. Save photos as jpeg and email all to – include your full name, contact info, and your horse’s name. By entering this contest, you agree to give permission to The Horse’s Hoof to publish your material. Thank you for supporting bitless horses!

Hurry, the deadline for Contest submissions is August 31, 2018!

All winners will be announced in our next issue, Fall #72.
Click here for PDF flyer with instructions:

Pony Club Australia allows Bitless bridles at rallies

Pony Club Australia Bitless News

Fantastic news and an opportunity for all young riders who would like to attend pony club and remain bitless.

“The National Coaching Committee considered the use of bitless bridles over the past 12 months.
There is sufficient evidence that Bitless bridles work very well and the PCA board believe it is important that the pony club policies keep pace with the evidence. In some cases, there are veterinary grounds for their use.
Pony Club members are under supervision at rallies which gives the rider a good opportunity to evaluate the suitability of the bitless bridle.
The PCA board has decided that approval for the use of bitless bridles should be granted on a case-by-case basis for the member and the specified horse for use at rallies.
The approval form can be found here on the website with final approval given by the Zone Chief Coach or equivalent.
PCA will monitor take-up of this option by riders, however, states should welcome these applications and assess them on their merits. ”

Supersoft Knotless Rope Halter

New Supersoft Knotless Rope Halter

For those who like all the qualities of superior rope but want no knots to apply pressure, this beautiful halter is light, neat and gentle.

Made from 8mm Equestrian Braided Tuff Tack rope with a poly rope noseband cover, it provides more comfort for your horse.

An additional safety feature is the optional break-away stainless steel buckle.

Instead of fiador knot loops to attach the lead rope, we’ve used a stainless steel ring to remove the bulkiness of the knot.

They come in black with a black/gold noseband (pictured) or brown with a brown/gold noseband.
Or, black/gold with a black noseband and brown/gold with a brown noseband.
Sizes: Pony, Cob/Arab, Full and X-Large.

Pre-orders will be taken here for delivery after the 13/8/2018 – retail price is $39 + postage.

If you love to ride in something as simple as a rope halter and reins, this Supersoft Knotless rope halter pairs nicely with a set of LightRider Rope reins – either the single continuous rein or a pair of split reins.
They are made from 10mm polybraid rope so they double as a nice light lead rope too.

Hallie and Blue wearing the LightRider Natural Rope Bridle.
Hallie and Blue wearing the LightRider Natural Rope Bridle.


Read more about Bitless Riding on these pages:


We get so many testimonials like this – Go Bitless! 

“I just wanted to let you know that I received the bridle and love it! My horse Blue also loved it. We went out on a big bush trek (after test driving the bridle in the round pen of course). I could feel he was much happier in himself and so responsive to the feel and listening to my seat and legs.
I’d been having trouble with him resisting the bit and not listening to other aids so the bridle went down a treat.”
Hallie in New Zealand.

2 thoughts on “Bitless Bridles are moving on up!”

  1. Robyn Cadzow

    Good evening to you all! I have a question relating to those among us trying to rehabilitate ex-race horses I have had one mare for close on 3 years now – I haven’t ridden her yet, but have occasionally lunged her in a bitless bridle bought from Natural HorseWorld some years ago – she seemed to like it! I have very recently acquired another mare off the track [180 degrees personality wise to first mare – so far but have only had her about 4 weeks so have a ways to go to see her real personality!!]. What I wanted to know is if any of your clients have any advice as to how to rehabilitate racehorses to bitless bridles and what their experiences were. I originally come off a lifetime of a pastoral property here in the NT, so this is a new concept to me but not entirely foreign as I feel a softer approach to horsemanship is well and truly warranted – it is not about ‘breaking’ a horse but about working with a horse to get the best outcome! really waiting in anticipation to other people’s experiences. Cheers. Robyn

    1. Cynthia

      Hi Robyn,
      you have the right idea that working ‘with’ the horse will get the best outcome. I’ve had many LightRider Bitless bridle buyers use them on ex-racehorses with great success and I feel a lot has got to do with removing the bit which mostly has negative connotations for the horse. Groundwork and building a solid relationship comes first then it shouldn’t matter what you use on their head if you’re prepared to take the time the horse needs to gain confidence in their handler-rider.
      I hope you can report on how your new mare goes in the future 🙂
      Cheers, Cynthia.

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