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Bitless Endorsement by Horse Safety Australia

LightRider Bitless Bridles Endorsed by Horse Safety Australia

I am very pleased to announce that after almost a year of trialling the LightRider Bitless Bridle and Bitless Noseband, the executive of Horse Safety Australia have given their endorsement. “it is something the executive were happy to endorse, especially considering the quality of the materials in your products.”

Horse Safety Australia Instructor, Nina Arnott, writes “My horseriding organisation, ‘Wirraway’, is using both the full bridle and the noseband that you sent us  and  we are really happy with them. I see a real advantage to them in our sort of work, with mostly beginner riders, and horses which could be a bit sensitive in the mouth. Quiet horses, which react to pressure on the reins, especially  (inadvertently rough) activity of the hands of beginners, are so happy with a bitless bridle! It has also virtually cured a head shy horse, which hated having the bit in its mouth with these riders.”

This endorsement adds more credibility to bitless bridles in general as Horse Safety Australia are a responsible, recognised organisation with Instructor and Trail Guide certifications.
Perhaps this will encourage other clubs and competitions to allow bitless bridles.
Horse Safety Australia has some very useful information on their website so see what they have to offer here.


Featured Feedback

Sienna is 32 years young and enjoying the change to bitless.

“I thought I’d provide an update of our experience along with this pic of Sienna, 32, in her black leather LightRider Bitless Bridle, Stockhorse style 🙂
I have ridden Sienna in the Lightrider about a dozen times now and it feels like I have a new horse!!! The difference in her attitude and movement is truly amazing.  She is a pleasure to ride and easy to catch – she actually stops what she’s doing and waits when she sees me approaching with her new bitless bridle (instead of trotting off in the opposite direction).  The leading ring underneath is brilliant for bringing her in from the paddock and for hand grazing. The easy release clips make a handy lead rope out of the reins and vice versa. It all just works!

Riding her out bitted was always a battle for supremacy and she is quite an adversary – pulling like a steam train with her head up in the air or down between her legs ready to buck. Now I have full control of a relaxed horse, and have even discovered that she neck reins beautifully. I think she wishes I had discovered the Lightrider sooner, I know I do. Thank You Cynthia, from Jacqueline and Sienna, happy horse and rider from NSW.”

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