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Most insurance companies have no exclusion for bitless bridles and hackamores.
Most insurance companies have no exclusion for bitless bridles and hackamores.

As bitless riding and driving are becoming more accepted, this page will keep you up to date with who allows bitless bridles around the world.

Insurance companies with no Bitless Exclusion:

These companies will cover the use of bitless bridles, provided the organisation that uses their cover allows bitless bridles in their rules.

Instructors and clubs who allow Bitless Bridles:

If you would like to be included on this list, please use the contact form on this page to send Cynthia your details.









The World Bitless Association lists Endorsed Instructors, Associates and Riding Centres approved for their high standards of welfare in training.



Bitless bridles are becoming more accepted at lessons and clinics.
Bitless bridles are becoming more accepted at lessons and clinics.







Corrine and Bright Rex in South Africa.
Corrine and Bright Rex in South Africa.

Online Events & Competitions

Associations and Breed Societies

Thanks to Grace Heather who compiled this list below.

Equestrian Associations/Societies that do permit Bitless Bridles (Ridden)-

  • Australian Equine Endurance Riders Association
  • Australian Trail Horse Riders Association
  • Australian Campdraft Association
  • Australian Tentpegging Association
  • Australian Barrel Horse Association
  • Australian Working Equitation
  • Australian Mounted Archery
  • The Baroque Equestrian Games & Institute – USA
  • Bitless Inc. 
  • Bitless Friendly Dressage venues in the UK
  • Equestrian Federation Australia (Jumping and Cross Country allow Bitless Bridles)
  • Horse Safety Australia
  • Mid North Coast Team Penning Association (NSW)
  • National Pleasure Horse Association of Australia
  • National Cutting Horse Association
  • American Competitive Trail Horse Association
  • American Endurance Riding Conference
  • California State Horsemen’s Association trail trials and gymkhana
  • The United States Equestrian Drill Association
  • Netherlands (KNHS) in TREC, Endurance, Jumping and the first levels of dressage (B – L2)
  • Federatie van Nederlandse Ruitersportcentra (a federation for riding schools)
  • International Horse Agility Association
  • SASA (Showing Assoc. of South Africa) will allow bitless bridles in Training, Newcomer and SASA Riding horse classes for mares and geldings, ridden by adults, from Jan. 2016.
  • TREC Events UK
  • Western Dressage Association 

Breed societies that do permit Bitless Bridles in Ridden Classes

  • Australia Quarter Horse Association (Rope, Leather or Rawhide Bosal)
  • Paint Horse Association of Australia (Western 2yo-5yo & Ridden Paint Classes that run under AQHA rules- Bosal)
  • Morgan Horse Association of Australia
  • Connemara Pony Breeders’ Society of Australia
  • Australian Appaloosa Association (Ridden Horse under 5yo in Standard Braided or Rawhide Hackamore)
  • American Saddlebred and Sporthorse Registry of Australasia (unless stallion- Bit required)
  • Horse Show Association Australia (5yo and under in a Hackamore)
  • WA Branch of the Commonwealth Clydesdale Horse Society (Australia)

Breed societies that may permit Bitless Bridles (depends on each show)-

  • Lipizzaner Association Australasia
  • Roan Horse and Pony Association of Australia
  • Percheron Horse Breeders Association of Australia
  • Commonwealth Clydesdale Horse Society of Australia
  • Australian Friesian Warmblood Society (not Stallion or Colt)

* This information is as correct as possible at the time of publication, however, cannot be held responsible for any incorrect info should the named change their status with regard to bitless bridles.

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  1. Karen butt

    Hi. All TREC GB competitions are open to people riding bitless. It’s probably true for TREC clubs in other countries too. A great sport encompassing orienteering, agility, cross country and control of paces
    Thanks for listing TREC

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