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Blocker Tie Ring

blockertiering-lOften, when a horse realises he’s tied solid he feels trapped, panics and pulls back – potentially breaking tack and hurting himself. When tack breaks, there is a sudden release of pressure and horses have to scramble to keep their balance and can easily flip over backwards and/or seriously hurt themselves.

Unique, the Blocker Tie Ring offers some resistance, but allows a horse to pull some slack in the lead rope when he pulls back which releases pressure and relieves the source of panic. This reduces the perceived threat to the horse dramatically, as well as reduces the threat to people who might try to release a distressed horse.

Often times, a horse just needs to pull a foot or two of slack in the lead to regain his confidence and quiet down.
A great tool for teaching horses to tie, re-schooling horses that have a pull back problem or for any horse, the Blocker Tie Ring offers varying degrees of resistance, from as little as a few pounds to a few hundred pounds, depending on the tying option and lead rope used. Versatile, the Blocker Tie Ring can be used anywhere one would tie a horse: cross ties, single ties, grooming areas, tack areas, wash racks, picket lines and inside and outside horse trailers.

The Blocker Tie Ring is perfect for use in trailers, should a horse fall down while tied in a trailer, the Blocker Tie Ring allows a horse to pull enough slack in the lead rope to get up on its own, reducing the need to manually free a horse and the chances of horse or handler getting hurt.

Blocker Tue Rings are distributed in Australia by Zilco so should be available from all good saddlery stores, and the RRP is $49.95 for the Stainless steel or $29.95 for the chrome plated. .

For extensive information and videos on tying up with the blocker tie ring Click Here .

2 thoughts on “Blocker Tie Ring”

  1. I have 2 VERY old Blocker ties I haven’t needed till now. The Magnet isn’t working. Is there something I can try?

    1. Cynthia

      Hi Sonja, I don’t think the older styles had a magnet – the pressure of the rope will hold the tongue up against the ring when you take the rope around the back of the tongue.
      I hope that helps.

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