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Bobby’s Diaries

by Jenny Pearce (and Bobby).

There’s a saying that goes ‘When you’re ready to learn the teacher appears’ so I just had to investigate this book when I saw a review in the Organic Horse magazine. This book is very different and as Jenny says, she’s been sharing her concepts of relating to horses with other people quietly for some time now, but “It’s time to step out of the closet and share this with everyone”.

I knew Jenny (pictured below on Bobby) from way back when we attended the first Parelli International Study Centre courses in 1996 but as we progressed with our horsemanship away from Parelli, I saw nothing of her. We had made contact a few years later when I called upon her healing abilites to help a young horse with health issues, but until now, Jenny has been quietly going about her business of helping people and horses through her totally alternative medicine horse hospital in Tanjil South, Victoria.


Dissastisfied with the progress she was making with Bobby, her ‘difficult’ thoroughbred, Jenny almost gave up on him in frustration and anger, turning him out to forget about him. But some time later when he was bought back into work because Jenny had no other horse to ride, she started carrying a notebook when she rode to write down ideas for another book she felt ‘brewing’.

That’s when Bobby started acting on ‘thoughts’ Jenny had about problems she was trying to ‘fix’ and without having to do anything else but write them down, he acted on those thoughts and fixed himself. That was the beginning of Jenny being able to ‘hear’ what Bobby was trying to communicate to her, leading to Jenny then teaching others how to listen to their horses (and Bobby) in their workshops.

Some of you will think this is crazy – we can’t hear our horses ‘talk’ – but when you read this book (and there are lots of others written about animal commnication too), you will understand that we can ‘hear’ our horses and what they have to say, if we just take the time to learn to listen.

Communication with horses is progressing – first we learned how to ‘read’ them through their body language and now that we’re getting good at that, the next logical step is to learn to hear and listen to them.
Jenny and Bobby not only teach you about this in the book, they teach about true leadership, about how to work in both your comfort zones and to gradually expand them, about how to stay safe and overcome fear.

Jenny’s ‘no bullshit’ language makes this book enjoyable and funny to read with statements such as “Practice makes perfect – but practicing crap only makes perfect crap”. Topics start with understanding our horse, ourselves and how we both operate together, through to riding ‘like a gifted rider’, solving all sorts of problems, horse health and inspiring success stories.

The best thing about this book is its an E-Book which means you can buy it now online (secure system) and be reading it in a few minutes time – even with a slow dial-up connection it doesn’t take long to download.
For less than $35 (including the book price, paper and ink) you can print out the 229 pages so you can refer to it again and again easily. This is one book you can flick open anytime and find enlightening information so have a look at Jenny’s web site where the contents of the book are revealed or order your copy now through the Natural Horse World Store


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