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All these books have been read and reviewed by Cynthia Cooper.
I hope they inspire you to dip into the vast amount of knowledge shared by prominent horsemen and women worldwide. For a complete list of books I have read and recommend click here.

Book Reviews

Insight To Equus by Tomas Teskey - A Holistic Veterinary perspective on health and healing. The equine world would be a better place if this 250-page color-filled hardbound book was on every horse owner’s bookshelf. Insight to Equus is just that – looking in detail at what a horse really is: part of a herd, constantly grazing on low-value grasses, herbs, and […]
You Can Train Your Horse To Do Anything – On Target Training: Clicker training and beyond by Shawna and Vinton Karrasch. - Everyone involved with horses wants them to consistently behave well, and perform to the best of their ability. But as is all too well known, many horses do not cooperate, and this is because they are not motivated to do so. Shawna and Vinton Karrasch are co-founders of the On Target Training program – a […]
The Sound Hoof – Horse Health from the Ground Up by Lisa Simons Lancaster - This is the ideal introductory book into the world of natural hoof care. It offers a road map for the responsible horse owner and a prescription to finding a new level of enjoyment with your horse through its hooves. Lisa’s 21st century holisitic hoof care philosophy is not only backed up by credible research, it […]
Horses Never Lie – The Heart of Passive Leadership by Mark Rashid - Building on the concept of his previous books – Considering the Horse and A Good Horse is Never a Bad Colour, Rashid clearly defines the difference between alpha and passive leaders. He explains how to become a passive leader (leading by example rather than force) and illustrates with compelling stories how horses change from being […]
Keeping a Horse the Natural Way by Jo Bird - As its title suggests this is a new book on the market, making the most of the interest and awareness which currently prevails in keeping horses more naturally. When I first picked this book up and flicked through it I was impressed by the number of quality photos and diagrams on almost every page helping […]
Straight From The Horse’s Mouth - by Amelia Kincade This book is an in depth look at communicating with animals by using and developing our natural ability to use intuition. The stories of Amelia’s own experiences are intriguing and she details some wonderful meditational exercises to help us get in touch with and listen to our pets, including our horses. How […]
Horses And Healing - by Pam Brownlie This spiral bound glossy full colour book is a wonderful field guide and reference for anyone wanting to treat horse health problems naturally. It presents easy to use procedures for treating horses by using herbal remedies, L.E.D. Therapy or Acupressure and includes clear charts for the relevant acupuncture points to treat five […]
‘The Soul of a Horse’ - Joe Camp Review by Ysabelle Dean Lately I have read a number of books that seek to explain and satisfy the human yen to connect physically, emotionally and even spiritually with the horse. And yet The Soul of a Horse is the only one I’ve come across that speaks with a totally resounding note of […]
Horsonality – an insight into Equine Behaviour - E Book by Andy Beck. If you wanted just one book on horse behaviour this is the one! And it covers more than behaviour as such – it goes into how our choices regarding the way horses are kept, fed and ridden, affects their behaviour. Andy raises many questions and while showing how he feels horses prefer […]
Not sure about E-Books? - E Books are essentially books available online or on a CD in PDF format ready to print. They bring the cost of the book down considerably as you’re not paying for expensive printing, binding and distribution. They allow you to read your book on the computer, on a book reading device such as a ‘Kindle’ […]
THE HORSE NUTRITION BIBLE – By Ruth Bishop The comprehensive Guide to The Correct Feeding of Your Horse - Everyone has questions about the type and quantity of feed to provide for their own particular horse. In this book, Ruth Bishop, Horse & Hound columnist and Spillers Horse Feeds nutritionist, explores all the options and offers down-to-earth advice on what to feed. This is one of the easiest to understand reference books on feed […]
Horse Follow Closely – Native American Horsemanship - by GaWaNi Pony Boy & photos by Gabrielle Boiselle. GaWaNi Pony Boy is mixed blood native American and after attending college, spent 3 years travelling the US with a Native American drum group performing on weekends at various universities, cultural events and pow wows. During these on the road years he was able to compile […]
The Natural Horse - by Audrey Townley Although this book was first published in 1993, it still has tons of relevent information which must have been quite a new approach back then. Ausdrey Townley is a Fellow of the British Horse Society and has taught riding as well as competed in all areas of the sport. She is also […]
Hoofworks: Barefoot Basics - Peter Laidley was one of my very first hoof trimming mentors, and instilled some good attitudes and trim techniques that I practice to this day. He is know as the ‘gentle hoof bloke’ and has a lovely way of working with horses as he trims and teaches in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Europe and South Africa. The […]
Through The Eyes Of The Horse by Carlos Tabernaberri - This is a little book that’s big on wisdom. Packed into its 144 pages are all of Carlos’ philosophies on horses which for me rang true, he has written from the heart and from the horse’s perspective. Everything he teaches is for the benefit of the horse and ultimately the human who needs to become […]
Zen Connection With Horses - By Jenny Pearce “Zen Connection with Horses” is a book and CD combination with a world first method of delivery. The book, with its powerful and emotional insights, gives all the information in an easy 122 page read, and the audio CD supports the person with eight simple lessons. Just load it onto your MP3 […]
One With the Herd – A Spiritual Journey - by Liz Mitten-Ryan This is one truly inspirational book full of beautiful photos and paintings by the author. Liz Mitten-Ryan lives a life with her horses many (and definately me) would be envious of. On 320 acres in the big sky country of British Columbia, Liz and her family of people, horses, dogs and cats […]
Let Horses Be Horses – the Horse Owners Guide to Ethical Training and Management - by Lesley Skipper. Published in 2005, this 244 page hard cover book with lots of descriptive photos is a must read. Author, Lesley Skipper questions everything we do with horses in a constructive way, dispelling many myths with her thorough research and practical knowledge of horse care, breeding, training and psychology. She argues her point […]
Feet First: Barefoot Performance and Hoof Rehabilitation - by Nic Barker and Sarah Braithwaite This is a well written and easy to understand book that is perfect for all those learning about barefoot hoof care, especially in relation to performance. Written by the founders of the UK Natural Hoof Care Practitioners who compete in eventing, hunting, endurance, and show jumping, it is based […]
Empowered Horses - by Imke Spilker Horsemanship is a continuing journey of learning and evolving. This book is one of those influentual steps in the journey, taking horsemanship to another level by truly considering the horse first. “Having a dialogue with horses necessitates aquiring a brand new view of things. It means perceiving horses differently. It means being […]
Conversations with Cadbury - by Dolores Artse If you’ve ever had difficulties training your horse or just getting along with a particular horse, this book will resonate with you. By following the real-life story of accomplished horse and dog trainer Dolores Atrse, we learn to overcome these hurdles and step into the realm of true relationship. This book will […]
Hoof Prints more stories from Proud Spirit - by Melanie Sue Bowles If you want some holiday reading that warms your heart and emotions then this is the book. Melanie Sue Bowles along with her husband, Jim, is the founder of Proud Spirit Horse Sanctuary, now located in Mena, Arkasas. It is one of the longest exisiting, privately run sanctuaries for horses in […]
Natural Horse Care the Right Way - by Dr. A Nyland Ann Nyland could have titled this book ‘Myth Busting Natural Horse Care’ because that’s exactly what it does. If you’ve been using natural or alternative supplements, then you really must read this book. It reveals the truth about many natural products such as apple cider vinegar, garlic, sulfur, herbal wormers, and […]
What-you-dont-know-about-Worms-Book Horse Care and parasite worm control – Harrowing pasture - Harrowing is often suggested as a preventative measure for worm control but in fact, it can actually increase worms if done in the wrong way. Horses with plenty of room on which to graze will divide their grazing into two distinct areas, 1) roughs and 2) lawns. They do nearly all their droppings in the […]
Managing Horses on Small Properties - by Jane Myers Although first published in 2005, this comprehensive horse and land management book is an excellent reference for setting up and maintaining small to medium sized horse properties. It covers the basics of horse care for Australian and New Zealand horse owners with a good guide to property selection, design and management with […]
The Art of Horsemanship: Xenephon and other classical writers - by Dr. Ann Nyland This is a new english translation by Dr. Nyland who is a classical greek scholar at the University of New England, Australia. Xenephon was an ancient Greek soldier who lived from around 430-354 BC. His ‘Art of Horsemanship’ is his work on selecting and educating horses when there were no iron […]
Spirit of the Horse – The New Myths of Equus by Carole Devereux - Carol M. Upton Animals have the capacity and the power to expand their minds into extraordinary states of consciousness. My horses have often shown their otherworldly journeys into The Dreamtime to me. Buddy once told me that he can “feel” the hoof beats of his species running all over the Earth. ~ Carole Devereux This […]
Down-to-Earth Natural Horse Care - by Lisa Ross-Williams At last – an extensive resource for natural horse keeping! This recently published book is an all-inclusive guide with easy to implement ‘natural’ suggestions for a healthy body and mind.. Although this book is written from the experiences of an Americal horse owner, the information is entirely relevent to horses anywhere in […]
Bobby’s Diaries - by Jenny Pearce (and Bobby). There’s a saying that goes ‘When you’re ready to learn the teacher appears’ so I just had to investigate this book when I saw a review in the Organic Horse magazine. This book is very different and as Jenny says, she’s been sharing her concepts of relating to horses with […]
All Horse Systems Go – Nancy S. Loving - In this full-colour comprehensive volume, Dr Nancy S. Loving, noted equine veterinarian and dressage, event and distance rider, addresses the challenges of keeping the working horse ‘working’. Dr Loving provides a thorough understanding of the intricacies of the equine body as well as a ready reference for solving common problems and handling emergencies. Never again […]
Two New Books - For some good holiday reading there are two books I’m going to recommend for those lazy days in the sun or in front of the fire – depending on which hemisphere you’re in! Guiding Principles to Natural Horse Care – Powerful concepts for a healthy horse By Stephanie Krahl This easy to read E-book is well […]

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