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Books to Read

I love a good read and if you do too. This list may help

you to discover more about natural ways with horses. Click on the books with links to read a review.
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** highly recommended


Revealing your Hidden Horse
The best book for educating yourself on how to educate your horses.
  • Through The Eyes of The Horse by Carlos Tabernaberri**

  • Dancing with Horses – Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling**

  • The Horse Seeks Me – Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling
  • Bobby’s Diaries – by Jenny Pearce**

  • Zen Connection with Horses* – by Jenny Pearce
  • Beyond The Dream Horse ** – Michael Bevilaqua 
  • Natural Horse.Man.Ship – Pat Parelli

  • Conversations with Cadbury **
  • The Man Who Listens To Horses – Monty Roberts

  • Shy Boy – Monty Roberts

  • Horse Sense for People Monty Roberts

  • Perfect Partners by Kelly Marks

  • Think Harmony With Horses – Ray Hunt

  • True Unity – Tom Dorrance

  • True Horsemanship Through Feel – Bill Dorrance/Leslie Desmond**

  • Problem Solving – Marty Marten

  • Considering the Horse – Mark Rashid**

  • Horses Never Lie – Mark Rashid**

  • A Good Horse is Never A Bad Colour – Mark Rashid**

  • Life Lessons from a Ranch Horse- Mark Rashid**

  • Whole Heart, Whole Horse – Mark Rashid**
  • In the Company of Horses – Kathleen Lindley
    A year on the road with horseman Mark Rashid

  • Horse Follow Closely – Ga Wa Nir Pony Boy

  • Imprint Training the Newborn Foal – Dr Robert Miller

  • The Art of Horsemanship – Xenophon by Dr Ann Nyland
  • You Can Train your Horse to do Anything – On Target Training by Shawna and Vinton Karrasch ** –

  • Clicker Training For Your Horse by Alexandra Kurland **

  • Downunder Horsemanship – Clinton Anderson

  • Clicker Training: Colt Starting the Natural Horse by Leslie Pavlich **


  • Horse Watch: What it is to be Equine – Marthe Kiley-Worthington*
  • Equine Welfare – Marthe Kiley -Worthington*
  • Let Horses Be Horses – Lesley Skipper**
  • The Nature Of Horses – Stephen BudianskyThrough the Eyes of The Horse

  • The Horse’s Mind – Lucy Rees

  • Horse Sense and the Human Heart – Adele von Rust McCormick and Marlena McCormick.

  • The Tao of Equus – Linda Konahov**

  • Riding Between the Worlds – Linda Konahov**

  • Such is the Real Nature of Horses – Robert Vavra

  • Dark Horses and Black Beauties – Melissa Holbrook Pierson

  • Spirit of The Horse by Carol Devereaux *
  • Horse Wise by Cheryl Kimball

  • Don’t Shoot the Dog by Karen Pryor

  • What Horses Say: How to Hear, Help and Heal Them by Anna Clemence Mews

  • Learning Their Language by Marta Williams**

  • One With The Herd by Liz Mitten Ryan**

  • Horses from Our Side of The Fence by Sandy Lagno**

  • Horses Talking by Margrit Coates

  • How To Think Like A Horse by Cherry Hill**

  • Naked Liberty by Carolyn Resnick*
  • Hoofprints: More Stories of Proud Spirit by Melanie Sue Bowles**



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