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Bug Buster Kills Hoof Bugs

BugBusterBug Buster Hoof Disinfectant is an antimicrobial preparation for the treatment of all infections of the non-living hoof capsules (wall, sole, frog, central and lateral sulci) of equines.

Hoof capsule infections are often described as ‘Thrush’, ‘Whiteline disease’, or ‘Seedy Toe’ but are usually caused by a combination of common groups of anaerobic bacteria that invade existing faults in the hoof material.

These faults are frequently difficult to eliminate without ‘Bug Buster’ as the non-living material has no immune response.

The long-term answer to these faults once the infection is eliminated is to maintain good hoof care and a suitable environment.
Cracks and separations should be eliminated by regular correct trimming and applying Bug Buster at least once weekly.

In some cases, a change of diet from high-sugar, toxic pastures to a grass hay-based diet (see the Nutrition posts here) will also stop the infections from recurring when damage to the laminae of the hoof wall is caused by poor nutrition.

Including a balanced mineral supplement will also assist in healthy hoof regrowth and reduce the chance of further infection.

After cleaning the affected area thoroughly, Bug Buster can be applied once per week or as required – made by Hoofworks Australia.

Ingredients include Ethyl Alchohol, water, gentian violet, PVP iodine, and formalin <2%.

Why is there formalin in Bug Buster and is it safe?

This follows the practice of several other similar products and is there to preserve or “fix” any treated material and so enhance the residual effect of the product.

Formalin is dangerous at specific amounts and specific concentrations….

It is normally sold at 40% wv in water and is considered dangerous to handle without specific protective equipment at this concentration.

It is considered safe to handle without specific protective equipment at 10%wv concentration and can also be freely purchased at this level, however with the warning to avoid contact with eyes…

Bug Buster has less than 2% concentration and at this level is normally considered “non-toxic”. However, we still advise users to “avoid contact with skin or eyes”.

In fact, there is as much risk of discomfort or distress from both the Betadine (again less than 2%) or the alcohol content (less than 25%) as the small amount of Formalin.

Even Gentian Violet that has been used orally on humans for over a hundred years without any reported ill effects can be considered “Poisonous” if fed to laboratory rats at sufficient concentrations and dose rates.

By comparison, several popular “hoof hardener” sprays contain over 15% formalin.

So.. it is included by choice and has been used in this and several similar products for many years… If any individual thinks it is not ideal they may either choose not to use the product or to order a custom supply without formalin.  (Minimum one carton of 20).

By comparison, Copper Sulphate is also extremely poisonous at some concentrations yet we have used it (in my opinion ineffectively) on hoof infections for over a hundred years. Many folks including the late (great) Pat Colby recommended also giving it to horses orally.  “Poisonous” is NOT primarily about the substance but rather about the concentration and volume of the dose rate.

ALL antimicrobials and disinfectants are, by definition, poisonous to some organisms.

“Bug Buster’ is made in Australia by Hoofworks and has been used by many hoof care practitioners with great success. For more details and to buy click here.

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  1. Stacey Locastro

    Hi – interested in your nutrition article – how can I find it please 🙂

    1. Cynthia

      All the Nutrition articles listed here will help /nutrition/ – sorry am still updating the website so some links are missing. Will fix that one now 🙂

  2. fiona brown

    Hi i would like to know the ingredients for the natural equipment bugbuster
    Cheers Fiona

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