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A Plea For Rodeo Horses being Mistreated

Flank sore on a rodeo horse.

I am asking animal lovers everywhere to please spare ten minutes to send an email or write to Mayor Ron Clarke MBE to urge him to please discontinue Gold Coast Council Australia Day Rodeo in 2012 on the grounds of cruelty to horses.   Here is a photo I took at this event on 26 Jan ’11.  I did report this to the RSPCA, but by the time they investigated one month later, the horses had been returned to stock contractors.  The outcome of the investigation, if any, is confidential.

There was no equine vet in attendance.  The rodeo organisers only had the phone number of an on-call vet who was apparently never called to attend and rule these horses unfit for the afternoon session. The Gold Coast Animal Welfare League does not endorse this rodeo or any rodeo whatsoever, as Council is claiming. As you know, the RSPCA is oppposed to the use of spurs and flank ropes, which were both used by Bostock Promotions at this event.  This event has been staged annually since 1981, and Council claims it is humane and no animal has ever been injured.
Email: Write:  PO Box 5042, GCMC QLD  9729

Thanks, Sally Lawrence.

3 thoughts on “Can you help?”

  1. Have been following Rodeo all my life (and I have been around for some time). If you took the time to speak with and get to know some of the rodeo organisers, competitors and supporters you would soon find out that we care for and treat our horses and other livestock much better than a lot of people treat their children and fellow man. Instead of knocking Rodeo, how about you do something about the horrific acts of crime committed by humans on humans on the Gold Coast or is this one that you put in the “too hard basket”. Good caring Australians are sick of hearing about this especially when the lives of our police officers are put on the line every time they put on their uniforms to serve and protect and are put at extreme risk hoping but not knowing if they are going to have a safe shift. Let this be written on your conscience.

  2. Good, caring Australians are sick of learning about animal cruelty going on in our society in the name of family entertainment. The Gold Coast Council Australia Day Rodeo 2012 should not take place on account of cruelty to horses. We can’t just abuse animals in this way, it’s just sickening and I have no respect for anyone involved in these practises. Let it be written on your conscience if this animal abuse is allowed to go ahead.

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