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Educating the Foal

by Cynthia Cooper Fortunately, many horse breeders now recognise the pay-off for spending time with the foal in the early days. And many like myself have also realised that socialisation and education is the most important part of human interaction, not the imprinting. Although imprinting helps initially and forms a much stronger bond between foal […]

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Gelding a Colt

The decision to geld or keep a colt entire is one many owners will one day make when they breed or buy a young male horse. So why geld (otherwise known as castrate) your colt? Here are some questions you need to ask yourself: What is the future for the colt – will he be

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New Ways for Weaning Foals

The time for weaning foals is approaching and thus begins what can be a very stressful event for both the mare her foal. But it needn’t be if we consider how horses naturally wean their foals. Family structure is an incredibly important part of a horse’s life – young horses need role models and teachers

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