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Thank You For Your Loyalty, Your Support and, For Your Love of Horses.  My gift to you… From Cynthia Cooper A little mantra I made to help us stay present in 2021. PS: You can print this image by clicking on it to open a PDF.

Cynthia on Rosie at liberty

10 Things My Horses Give Me

When people ask how many horses I have and I answer ‘fourteen’, they often look at me with surprise or say ‘wow – that’s a lot of horses to look after’. Yes, it’s a fair bit of work, especially as two of them are 30+ ‘oldies’ who need ‘intensive’ feeding year round and rugging in the …

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Watch Your Thoughts

– by Cynthia Cooper When I discovered horses (and all other animals) could ‘hear’ me or telepathically read my mind, I felt bad for ‘saying’ (thinking) not so nice thoughts about them. I asked myself – “Would I greet a good friend with ‘hello fattie’ or say ‘Get going you lazy slob’? I was embarrassed …

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