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Monsieur Chapeau, winning a championship at the MEPBG Exmoor Pony Show at Brendon Show (Image: Geoff Baylis)

LightRider Bitless Bridles has a new global brand Ambassador

  Recently the World Bitless Association ran a campaign to find their ‘Champion Bitless Ambassador’. LightRider Bridles were one of the 4 brand sponsors, each also awarding their own brand ambassador from the entries submitted. Exmoor Pony gelding Monsieur Chapeau with owner Dawn Westcott won the LightRider Champion Bitless Ambassador. The pair was also awarded […]

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Heal;thy Horses Land Expo

Healthy Horse and Land Expo

The annual Healthy Horse and Land Expo for Tasmania will be held on Saturday, April the 9th at the Campbelltown Showgrounds. 9am-5pm. NRM North & NRM South are joining resources to organise this year’s event again, focusing on healthy, sustainable horse and property management. The single stream format will feature key presenter Mariette van den

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Events to look forward to

INTRODUCTION TO CONNECTED RIDING (Vic) on Sunday March 15. If you’re not sure if you want to commit to a 3-day clinic, and fence sitting doesn’t do it for you, this could be the perfect opportunity to find out more about Connected Riding, and get a feel for Trisha’s style. Relevant to all disciplines. $140

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Equitana Melbourne Report

This year’s Equitana was our best yet with a prime position just inside the Epsom Pavilion door attracting lots of attention although ‘Zebby’ the zebra probably had some influence there too 🙂 By the end of the second day we’d sold out of Slowfeed haynets (Haysaver and Greedy Steed) even though we’d taken twice as many

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