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The Plight of Ponies By Vanessa

At an agricultural field day, I came across a small metal pen housing cute young miniature ponies. Three of them were in a tiny pen and as I got closer I saw they were all for sale. They were grumpy and bored and occasionally one would be aggressive to the other. When they were taken […]

Travelling by boat to Flinders Island

by Cynthia Cooper Have you ever thought how would your horse cope if it had to be transported by boat….in a ‘bull crate’? A bull crate is something like a single horse box but with big metal bars overhead that are quite low – the average horse would need to keep its head low to […]

Colic, Peritonitis and Worms

What do these conditions have in common? Colic and Peritonitis are both serious issues that require immediate veterinary treatment, and both can be caused by worms! This is something I discovered when my 6yo Arabian stallion Finn, suffered a colic episode that also resulted in hypothermia as he went down on a cold wet day. Thankfully, […]

Stringhalt in horses

In Australia, stringhalt in horses is commonly seen in summer and autumn as drought-stressed pastures are overtaken with weeds such as false Dandelion (also known as Catsear or Flatweed) and Capeweed. Toxins from these weeds affect the nervous system resulting in an exaggerated high stepping action in one or both hind legs. In mild cases, […]

Horse Rug Heating Facts

by Dave MacDonald When you put your hand under a rug on a horse standing still it should NEVER feel toasty warm. This is a misconception. It should feel more on the coolish side. The temperature you are used to feeling under the blanket is too hot for a healthy horse. Why? Because a horses […]

Responsible Rugging Tips

I generally don’t recommend to rug a horse. However, there are times when due to lack of shelter, you may need to provide cover for your old or sick horse. If you do, then there’s a rug available that acts more like a shelter and less like an oven! This is the only rug I’d […]

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