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Should I rug/blanket my horse or not?

by Cynthia Cooper Rugging or blanketing horses is usually something that makes US feel a lot better, especially when its cold, wet and we see our horse shivering. Keep in mind that horses have survived for millions of years without the need for man-made rugs to protect them from the weather. They have the wonderful […]

Soft Touch Natural Hoof Care with Phil Morarre

This beautifully produced DVD is very easy to listen to and watch. Phil has a good clear way of describing barefoot hoof care concepts such as: Why do people shoe? The mechanics of the hoof Problems and lameness Benefits of barefoot Making the transition The interview style of presentation is interspersed with testimonials from trimmers […]

Horse Care and parasite worm control – Harrowing pasture


Harrowing is often suggested as a preventative measure for worm control but in fact, it can actually increase worms if done in the wrong way. Horses with plenty of room on which to graze will divide their grazing into two distinct areas, 1) roughs and 2) lawns. They do nearly all their droppings in the […]

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