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Happy New Year of the Horse!

2014 is the Chinese Year of the Horse so lets make some progress with how we care for and treat our amazing equines. On my wish list to see this year is: Allow Bitless Bridles to be used in all equestrian sports – no discrimination for those who want to keep metal out of their […]

Great Books to Read

Wet weather is always a good time to have a few good books on hand. Here’s some I’ve recently read and found worthy of sharing. Knowing Your Horse by Emma Lethbridge ‘A Guide to Equine Learning, Training and Behavior’ I found this book to be one of the easiest to understand when it comes to […]


Liberty jumping with Piper Piper Jumping the Bounces of Death His owner, Helen in Tasmania, teaches Piper using Clicker Training and says Piper is an amazing horse soccer player too! If you’re inspired  and want to teach your horse some fun things at liberty (or anything for that matter) have a look at this Australian Clicker […]

Being in the Moment

This morning I awoke to the grey light of a wet sky. The clouds had gently sprinkled their moisture during the night so that everything smelt fresh and alive – one of my favourite smells. As I walked to see the horses I notice how bright green the leaves are on the big old spreading […]

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