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Q&A on Feeding Oils I would like to ask your opinion on feeding oil to horses. I have done a little research on this online but have come across conflicting information. I have in previous winters fed a little ½ cup cold pressed canola in my horses feed, but was considering changing to Cod Liver Oil, […]

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Grass and Clover issues

Why you should avoid too much clover/red clover in a horse’s pasture/hay. Clovers can be associated with less common conditions in horses such as photosensitivity and liver disease. The specific toxins that cause these conditions have not yet been identified and are hypothesized to be either mycotoxins or secondary plant metabolites that are produced only

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Website Review: is a new website that explains the concept of Slow Feeding, an integral part of preventing and treating laminitis and founder. Its also healthy for your budget as well as your horse, saving hay while satisfying your horse’s need to ‘graze’ 22 hours a day. This site also lists where to buy

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