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Ask Cynthia – Why does my horse have a sour attitude?

“A few weeks ago I got bucked off Blaze. I know that it isn’t a rare occurance when we have horses but it really scared me. We had been travelling really well up until then but something has changed…. We were riding in the round yard – me and Blaze with Rob on Fred. Blaze […]

Got a problem? You can solve it by being a good detective!

by Cynthia Cooper How many times has your horse behaved badly? How often have you thought he/she has an issue you must solve with either better discipline or a different training technique? I am often contacted about problems people have with their horse and I’m happy to help them get to the bottom of the […]

Horsemanship Keys to Success for Hoof Trimmers

by Cynthia Cooper These key points apply to many situations other than hoof trimmming – for example when you are grooming. saddling, washing, providing vet treatment or just teaching them to tie up. 1. Keep the horse as close to its comfort zone (herd or friend) as possible – usually just the other side of […]

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