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Christmas Ideas and Specials

Wondering what yo get your horse or ‘horsey’ friends for Christmas? Here are a few suggestions:

Gifts under $20

The Bale Buddy Bag holds an oversize straw bale (and Tigga!).
The Bale Buddy Bag holds an oversize straw bale (and Tigga!).

Bale Buddy: $14.95 Easy, economical solution to transporting individual hay bales.  No more messy car boot, ute or horse float, keeps your hay dry too.  Large enough to fit the slightly oversized lucerne or straw bale…

Stablehand Haynet Filler $19.95 This StableHand™ is just that, it’s like having another set of hands in the stable, garden or wherever you need to fill a bag.• Simply roll the StableHand™ up and place it into the opening

Greedy Steed Premium Net
Greedy Steed Medium Net

Greedy Steed 4cm Medium Hay Net. $18.95 Designed with the good doer in mind. The small holes ensure your horse will be spending more time doing his favourite thing – eating! Slow feeding is beneficial for equine’s prone to laminitis. 

Horse Playgrounds DVD – $19.95 Have some fun with your horse this summer by building your own playground. This DVD has all the designs and ideas to get you started. Build a pedestal, jumps, squeezes and much more. 

The book for 21st Century horse keeping and horsemanship.

Revealing Your Hidden Horse Book – $19.95 This is the book your horse wants you to read. Its revolutionary approach to understanding horses, horse training and horse care explores traditional and popular paradigms currently in use and compares them to a new 21st Century model of horsemanship.

Gone Kennel & StableMate Discs – $11.95 Hang or clip them around the stable, kennel, your camp, and anywhere insects are bothering you or your animals.  Repels mosquitos, ticks, fleas and other flying and crawling insects. Pack of 4 discs. 


Gifts $20 – $50

SuperSoft Rope halter in lime/black zig zag.
SuperSoft Rope halter in lime/black zig zag.

SuperSoft Rope Halter – $25 The best fitting rope halters, they are beautifully finished with a stitched down fiador knot (won’t come undone when you wash), a leather name tag you can personalise, and a spliced tail.
Now in new colours: Lime/black zig zag and Purple sparkle.

Natural Horse Care The Right Way Book – $29 By Dr Ann Nyland Ann Nyland could have titled this book ‘Myth Busting Natural Horse Care’ because that’s exactly what it does. If you’ve been using natural or alternative supplements, then you really must read this book. It reveals the truth about many natural products such as apple cider vinegar, garlic, sulphur, herbal wormers, copper, along with many other herbs, minerals and feeds we are using.

Haysaver 4cm hole Tough Net  – $24.95 – $44.95  Choose from Small (2-3 biscuits), Half Bale and Full Bale Sizes. These tough nets are made to last from durable, pre stretched UV stabilised, heavy duty ply, polyethylene netting. The holes are just large enough for the horse to get the hay through without gorging. *CHRISTMAS SPECIAL* Use the coupon code: Xmas Haysaver –  to get 10% off. (Offer ends December 24th). 


Go bitless with your own bridle and the LightRider Bitless Noseband.

LightRider Bitless Noseband – $49 Go bitless in your favourite bridle. Convert your own bridle to bitless and save. Gives you more options for fitting different sizes. fits most bridle styles including driving bridles.

SuperSoft Training Rope – $37-39 SuperSoft Ropes are also super strong. Made from Tufftack 12mm rope they have a lovely smooth feel and perform very well with nice ‘life’ in them. 10′ and 12′ lengths, in black, brown, black/gold, brown/gold and purple sparkle. 

Gifts $50 – $105

LightRiderCollageWebLightRider Bitless Bridles – $89-95

Choose from the Rope Natural style, or regular leather in the English or Stockhorse style for

  • Clearer and lighter communication
  • A more reliable stop because your horse can listen, not react to pain
  • Release from pressure with a unique sliding chinstrap that stops at snug
  • A comfortable happy horse for a better riding relationship

CHRISTMAS SPECIAL – all English and Stockhorse bridles in english leather only are 25% off saving you $34.75 – use the discount code: Xmas E Leather (offer ends December 31st).

The Rain Kilt from Ireland

The Rain Kilt – $55

by Triscle Fashion (in Ireland) is a new alternative to waterproof trousers for both women and men.  Are you tired of getting wet legs and boots when rain runs off your jacket? Yet you don’t want the hassle of putting on waterproof trousers – a Rain Kilt is the answer. 

Best Bareback Pad – $99

The synthetic suede bareback pad offers you and your horse a comfy bareback ride.
Easy to clean and great for beach riding, you will love all the great features that are way ahead of other designs.

The Complete Horse Herbal by Victoria Ferguson.

The Complete Horse Herbal Book – $54.95

  • 400 pages of detailed information on how to understand and heal equine ailments.
  • How to design natural feeding programs.
  • 40 case histories.
  • Over 80 colour photographs.
  • Comprehensive Materia Medica of over 80 useful herbs.



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