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How to Clean Rope Halters and Bitless Bridles

The best way to clean your rope bitless bridles or rope halters is actually in the washing machine!

You can also use this method to clean most other types of synthetic tack such as biothane or nylon halters, girths, reins and breastplates.

All you need are some pillowcases with string ties or mesh bags that you generally use for washing delicates in, along with biodegradable washing powder.

To remove serious stains,  give them a light rub down with a mix of 4 parts warm water and 1 part eucalyptus oil.
You could also put a few drops of eucalyptus oil into the machine before filling if you have a horse with infectious skin problems, or use the gear on a range of horses. This natural oil has an anti-bacterial and cleansing action.

  1. Remove the clips and put the reins in a mesh bag or pillowcase tied at the top.
  2. For a rope halter that doesn’t have a stitched Fiador knot (large one under the chin), place a rubber band above and below the knot so it doesn’t come undone with the washing machine action, and put them in another mesh bag or pillowcase. The LightRider Rope Bridles have their fiador knot stitched through so you won’t need to worry about securing them.
  3. Put the bags in your top or front load machine and wash on a warm/cold cycle (never hot) using a biodegradable washing powder. The delicates cycle is best. Never use bleach! And there’s no need to use a fabric conditioner – it will make the rope too soft and floppy.
  4. Hang out to dry on a line – do not dry in a tumble dryer!
  5. The noseband padding on the Performer bridle is made from a synthetic anti gall material so there’s no need to treat it with anything. It’s a good idea to wipe the sweat off this regularly so it stays in good condition.

If you’d rather not to use a washing machine, you can simply hand wash the bridle or halter without the need to use mesh bags. Soak in cold or warm water for at least an hour then use a small scrubbing brush or a nail brush to clean off the sweat and dirt.

Regular cleaning will keep your rope tack looking great, smelling sweet and make it last a whole lot longer!

For instructions on how to clean your leather horse tack click here. 

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