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If you will just listen to me ….

Communication with horses happens at different levels, from direct visual body language to voice cues, to telepathy or thoughts. Most of us start with the first two, and as we progress with out horsemanship, then come to realise that our thoughts and telepathy are being heard as well.

Indeed, thoughts are the first thing a horse ‘hears’ and can be a bigger influence than body language or voice. Horses are very good at detecting if our thoughts are congruent (line-up) with our body language, and respond better when they do.

We rely on communicating with our horses to achieve all the things we’d like them to do and the way we communicate will either help or hinder out relationship.
The best relationships come from when we truly listen to our horses, and give them a choice, and a chance to tell us how they feel – their body language is telling us something all the time so we just need to become good at reading them.

One of my favourite books about horses communicating to us is ‘Horses from our Side of the Fence’ by Sandy Lagno.  Sandy has the ability to hear what horses via telepathy, and she records their point of view about breeding, shoeing, death, being wild and many other topics.

The following articles will help you understand more about communication with horses on different levels.

Communication Articles

The Best Way To Love Your Horse - Guest Post by Lockie Phillips of Emotional Horsemanship Do you correct, fuss, or change your horse too soon?Do you know to prioritize ‘Permissiveness’ over ‘Properness’? One of the best ways to love your horse and express your respect, love, and admiration for others, is to give them permission to just be themselves, instead of constant […]
Why does it have to be this way? - By Danielle Coleman A few events have led me to write this article, but I am just going to share the most influential event with you. I recently read a discussion on an online forum. The chat forum had a discussion started by someone regarding their naughty horse. This person was reaching out for help […]
Hear what your horse has to say - – by Danielle Coleman Ever since I started learning about animal communication from popular authors such as Marta Williams, Amelia Kincade and J.Allen-Boone, I discovered we’re all able to communicate on an energetic level if we can just learn to quiet the chatter in our minds and be prepared to accept what we hear or […]
Watch Your Thoughts - – by Cynthia Cooper When I discovered horses (and all other animals) could ‘hear’ me or telepathically read my mind, I felt bad for ‘saying’ (thinking) not so nice thoughts about them. I asked myself – “Would I greet a good friend with ‘hello fattie’ or say ‘Get going you lazy slob’? I was embarrassed […]
Barefoot and Bridle-less - by Liz Mitten-Ryan I feel strongly about this topic as I have a herd of fourteen warmbloods that have lived without bits and shoes. They are as God made them, living on 320 acres, of meadows, hills and rocky terrain, enormous, well fed, 1500 pound animals who are joyous and free and in perfect health. […]
Leadership with horses - by Cynthia Cooper Natural Horsemanship has increased our awareness of relationships with horses – the terms partnership, respect, leader, alpha etc. have become common but their meaning can be as varied as the meaning we give to those terms in our human relationships. Good Leadership is recognised as being an essential part of the equation. […]
Being in the Moment - This morning I awoke to the grey light of a wet sky. The clouds had gently sprinkled their moisture during the night so that everything smelt fresh and alive – one of my favourite smells. As I walked to see the horses I notice how bright green the leaves are on the big old spreading […]
Book Review - Beyond the Dream Horse – by Michael Bevilacqua I’m so glad I was loaned this book to read as it defines not only where I’m going with my horsemanship, but where the next level of horsemanship begins. I love it. As the subtitle says, “it is a revealing perspective on attaining a true relationship. It describes how […]
Lets be Friends First - While most people would like to think they are friends with their horse, and many know that being friendly with your horse is the first step in any horsemanship program, few realise just how far you can develop that friendship. One horsemanship program that bases its philosophy on the unique bonds horses form with each […]
New Online Magazine - A seed was planted about 9 months ago to develop an online publication that brings like minded horse people, trainers, therapists, artists and self development coaches together to help “Change the conversation we have with our horses” and hopefully improve the conversations we have with ourselves. Mindset is everything when it comes to horses and […]
Friendship Training -   Founder of this unique method of ‘training yourself so your horse can understand you’ Chuck Mintzlaff, found my website and suggested a link. As I’m naturally cautious about recommending products, people and methods I decided to thoroughly research Friendship Training to find out if it was as good as it sounds. So much of this […]

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