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Conversations with Cadbury

by Dolores Artse

If you’ve ever had difficulties training your horse or just getting along with a particular horse, this book will resonate with you.
By following the real-life story of accomplished horse and dog trainer Dolores Atrse, we learn to overcome these hurdles and step into the realm of true relationship.

This book will help you understand the art of relationships with horses, dogs or humans. Its a fascinating read of struggles, successes and even failures as Cadbury becomes the teacher that changed Dolores life forever.

While it isn’t a ‘how to train your horse’ book, Dolores does explain her training which draws from natural horsemanship and clicker training with clarity, enabling us to follow the path that lead her to ultimate succes and a strong connection to a very difficult little morgan horse called Cadbury.

You can buy it direct from Dolores at

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