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CoolHeat Blanket

CoolheatBlanketFor many years I’ve not used a blanket on my horses unless they have been ill or old and chilled to the bone by wet windy weather.

As an advocate of a more natural life for horses, it seems strange that I should be reviewing a horse blanket (rug as we say here), but this one is different so worthy of consideration for the times when you do need to use some extra cover for your horse.

Dave MacDonald of Macs Equine invented the Old Mac Hoof Boots and the Scoot Boot, and is always trying to think of new products to solve old problems. This time I think he’s come up with another winner for the horse and the owner.


This revolutionary ‘CoolHeat’ blanket has a unique construction that allows the horse to regulate its own body temperature using its natural thermo-regulation process. There is a good explanation of this process here.

As you can see in the photo at left, the inside of the blanket is covered in rows of raised rubber-like fingers that allow the majority of the horse’s hair to work as nature intended – standing up when it’s cold and laying flat when it’s warm. The air can also freely circulate under the blanket so it helps dry off a wet or damp horse when blanketing after it rains or when the horse has been washed or hosed down.

This blanket also fits really nicely as it’s shaped high around the neckline so there is no pulling or pressure on the wither. The long chest darts allow good freedom for the shoulders and even after my horses rolled in the rug, it stayed evenly in place.
The fingers on the underside would help this as they keep the weight even on both sides and run either side of the backbone. The blanket is surprisingly light too – it’s 600 denier ripstop waterproof material is seamless and is breathable and, it looks great – just like other top-of-the-range rugs.


The CoolHeat Blanket also has a generous tail flap, soft nylon leg straps and crossover surcingles. If your horse has to wear a blanket and you are away when the day warms up, the horse will be far more comfortable in a Cool Heat blanket than any other.

This product certainly gets my tick of approval so when you need to replace your old rug or just want the best for your horse, consider the CoolHeat first.

CoolHeat Blankets are available from Innovative Equestrian.

Read more about rugging your horse here.

6 thoughts on “CoolHeat Blanket”

  1. Angela Martin

    Hi. I can’t find these cool heat blankets on the website
    Could you please let me know where I can buy some from thnaks

  2. Andrea

    Hi Cynthia,
    I am just wondering if/when these rugs will be back on the market here in Australia? (Victoria).

    I have struggled with finding the best fitting rug for my high withered Qh mare.

    Hopefully this rug will be back in – fingers crossed 🙂


    1. Cynthia

      I’m hoping the Coolheat rugs will be back on the market ofr next winter – the business is in the process of being sold which is why they’re currently un-available. They certainly are a good fitting rug – otherwise, you could try a Rambo at twice the price – I’ve heard they are good too.

  3. Judy Hoey

    I am interested in a rug for bad storms, for a mini pony size 4 as the rug I had on with mesh underlay got him hot I couldn’t get home to take it off hence he has a cold now the storms have hail in them lately thanks Judy

    1. Cynthia

      Hi Judy,
      Sorry to hear your pony caught a cold – and I hope he’s recovered now. Mini ponies do much better without rugs at all – so long as they have some basic shelter they can choose to get out of the weather , or grow a nice thick coat to protect themselves more naturally. There are some great ideas online for making cheap, and even portable shelters using pallets, wire panels and tarps. Here’s some ideas:
      Of course if you have to use a rug, the Coolheat is a better option, but I’m not sure that it is made small enough for a mini. So, best to try and make a shelter, and allow him to decide when he needs to be warmer or cooler 🙂

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