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11 thoughts on “Diagram example of a track around a 10 acre pasture.”

  1. M Baker

    Is the diagram listed somewhere here? I have Jaime’s book on order, but can’t wait to get started planning for my own acreage.

    1. Sorry I didn’t realise the image wasn’t showing – I’ve fixed that now so if you click on the page it will be there.


    Please can I access the map, I am just in the process of buying 11 acres and need some help.
    Thank you.

    1. Sorry I didn’t realise the image wasn’t showing – I’ve fixed that now so if you click on the page it will be there.

  3. Shan Daw

    I have practiced this system for 12 years now and have leant my book a number of times but this time it hasn’t been returned.
    Tomorrow I am presenting this concept to a group of 26 students who are doing a Horse Management course with follow up in 10 days by visiting my property. Please can I access the map and Jaimes description of the social structure of the herd.

    1. Hi Shan,
      Wonderful to hear you have practiced paddock paradise for so long. What a shame your book wasn’t returned. You are most welcome to use the map and Jaimes description of the herd structure, and anything else form my website that will help with your presentation at the course. Hope it all goes well.

  4. Carrie Mckinley

    We have 19 acres flat treed rocky spot. Currently have 2 horses in dry padox. Looking to put in a walking lane around acreage.

  5. we are moving to a 1.43 hectar place with our two horse Emily and Qualoubet. after years of looking for a place where our horse would be kept 24/7 on the field and that they be happy, while not living far from a big city. We have decided to to by a place big enough to keep our own horse. We think the paradise paddock would be the perfect solution for us. But we are new to the notion and any help and diagramme would help us confirm our intuiition

    1. Paddock paradise is a good solution for a small area and I highly recommend you get Jaime Jackson’s book on Paddock Paradise for more inspiration.

  6. Melodie Miller

    I have a horse that abscesses every May. I am convinced it is due to spring grass and would like to build a track system.

    1. Go for it Melodie – its’a great way to help them along with feeding the right hay, and restricting grass at that time of year.

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