Having the horse be able to generalise its Cat experience is the final step in the Cat methodology. Once the horse knows it can control the things if fears and in this case it was people as Dorado is a wild caught brumby who had a heightened fear response when people approached. Cat gives the horse the ability to think about the fear object and to evaluate is it real danger. As the chemical pathways of the brain change the horse begins to like the thing it feared and will approach of its own choice. Once switchover was solid it was then time to introduce different people to Dorado. The Cat process starts again and here Kay, a new person in Dorado’s life is stepping back once Dorado gave a relaxed signal, in this case it was chewing. It would take several sessions of Kay stepping back when Dorado gave a relaxed signal before Dorado would move to switch over behaviour.
This photo shows the critical stage of generalisation that helps the horse apply the new skills it has learnt in new environments and new people.

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