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Does your horse love you?

Oooh yeah! Just there under my tummy – that’s the spot.

Do your horses come when they are called?

Do they show you where they’d like to be itched?

Do they follow you wanting more?

If you can’t answer yes to these questions then perhaps you need a relationship reviver! Here’s how you can get a yes to all of the above:

1. Give your horse a reason to come when called – a healthy treat (black sunflower seeds are a great low sugar treat) or a bucket feed/hay, some nice grooming/itching, and no riding or leaving their friends for a while, can make a big difference.

2. Find your horse’s itchy spots – the ones that make their nose wiggle!  Start on the neck, under the mane, around the withers and shoulders before venturing to sensitive areas such as under the belly, between the back legs, around the flank etc. – take note of any sore or ‘don’t touch me there’ spots and perhaps get an equine bodyworker to investigate in case there’s a physical issue.

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3. Choose from this list of Top Ten Fun Things to Do with your Horse.
It’s surprising how easily many riders and horse owners lose track of what’s so grand about horses in the midst of the pressure of competition, economic stresses, and time crunches.

All too often we get caught up in the day-to-day “grind” of keeping horses —the ritual feeding, watering, and ….. We have to take a moment to remember that, more than anything else, being with horses is FUN. Most of us came to horses because we love them and because riding and working with them brings us joy, peace, and fulfillment in ways that little else in life can.

It’s important to remind ourselves not to take horses and riding SO seriously!

Mmmmm – more more more…

4. Or if you really want to focus on the relationship and take it to the next level, check out – where people learn to be the friend their horse wants them to be, and a whole lot more in the process.

Now that’s THE spot! Just lifting my leg so you can reach it better!

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY to all the horses! If your horse gives you a kiss, don’t be shy, share your secrets in the comments below.

Baby kisses.


4 thoughts on “Does your horse love you?”

  1. Hi Cynthia. I actually kiss my beautiful horses every day, I have found they all enjoy being kissed between the ear and the eye.
    Also when putting on their fly veil softly stroke the sides of their face with my hands with finger tips behind their cheek bone.They will not move until this has been done.


    Alan Gent

  2. Abigail Morris

    Thanks Cynthia – a good reminder; we’ve had weeks of sub zero temps and now snow (spring??? lost somewhere) and it is hard to play with the horses. I’ve been taking a few extra carrots and spending a bit more time just hanging out (until giving up with frozen fingers) but I know they appreciate it.

  3. Marian L.

    Don’t they just love it. No good going down to the horses with manicured finger nails unless you wear gloves.
    But what is a bit of horse dirt under the nails any how?
    The trust, love and respect they give back is worth it.

  4. My horses LOVE been itched!! They will show me where they are itchy and when I itch the spot for them, they curl their lips back and really enjoy it! I have even itched another horses tail while the horse I’m itching itches the other horses tail too!

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