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The Dry Seat Saddle Pad

DrySeatPadRolledAnother very practical Macs Equine Invention provides a cover to keep the chills out and the rain off you, and your expensive saddle while riding or when dismounted.

As you can see in the picture here, the pad is a neat wool kersey material, with the cordura bag attached at the front containing a waterproof skirt (as shown in the photo below). The bag zips up and can also be used to hold other items such as cold drinks/food in the summer, when you don’t need wet weather protection with you.

The skirt quickly folds out when you need it and fastens around your waist or over the saddle with velcro tabs. A velcro leg strap secures the skirt to your leg and if you happen to part company with your horse (deliberately or not!) then the velcro tabs all release so you are never trapped.


When you are not on your horse, the skirt keeps your saddle dry or protects it from dirt, dust and marks made by tree branches brushing past on the trail.

When you’re finished using it, the skirt rolls back up easily into the bag on the front of the pad in less than a minute.

The Dry Seat Saddle Pad also offers good wind protection to keep you warm while riding on chilly days and doesn’t restrict your movement in the saddle. The skirt material is also nice and ‘quiet’, so less likely to spook nervous horses with the sound but it’s always recommended that you ‘desensitise’ your horse with it over the saddle by moving actively online, before riding with it on.

This wonderful product is suitable for all outdoor riders, especially those who ride trails, endurance, mounted search & rescue and at pony club.

It is available in English and Western sizes in both navy and maroon, and is a thin enough to go over another saddle pad such as the Theraflex air pad or other theraputic pads. To see more photos go to the Macs Equine web site.

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  1. Lizanne Horton

    Could you please tell me what size the Dry seat saddle pad comes in and prices please. Thank you, Lizanne Horton .

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