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Through The Eyes of the Horse – Understanding Under Saddle with Carlos Tabernaberri

There are few DVD’s available that specifically cover bitless riding without the need to progress to a bit. Carlos always advocates riding with a halter or bitless bridle and this DVD outlines his approach in a top quality presentation.
Using many different horses Carlos has been educating and filming the process  so we can see the steps taken and the progress made. His conversational commentary reflects his philosophies and like any DVD that has a constant dialogue, be sure to watch it in sections so you stay alert to all the good information on offer.

Topics covered on disc 1 include the basics of bareback riding, from hollow to rounded, straightness/balance/rhythm and giving a young horse the right start.
On disc 2 we see how to create confidence with imagination and fun, help an explosive horse become responsive, relax a runaway and establish willingness/ developing control.
There is also some bonus clinic footage where you see it all come together with real students.

It’s nice to see the important points re-visited at the end of each segment in a list format so this DVD becomes a true learning tool. You can purchase it direct from Carlos at for just $59.95 (2 DVD set – 170 mins).

While you are visiting Carlos’ website, be sure to check out the articles page – there is some excellent reading, presented in a very nice format with lots of photos.

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