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With so may horsemanship DVD’s to choose from, I hope these reviews guide you to the best for expanding your horsemanship knowledge.

Reviews by Cynthia Cooper

Wrangler Jayne’s Float Loading Made Easy Jayne Glenn consistently produces high quality, detailed ‘How To’ DVD’s and ‘Floating can be Fun’ is no exception. Travelling with your horse can be a relaxed, comfortable, safe and enjoyable exercise for everyone! Jayne believes that Float or Trailer Loading Training is not an Event, it is a Process.  Using a few foundation skills, like those […]
Through The Eyes Of The Horse With Carlos Tabernaberri If you have read Carlos’ book of the same name as the DVD – Through The Eyes of The Horse, or attended one of his clinics or lessons, you will find this DVD a valuable reference. Carlos shows you his principles of Trust, Obedience and Respect with the first 91 minute DVD covering the fundamentals […]
100 Things to Do With Your Horse This DVD is produced by Quantum Savvy’s Shane and Meredith Ransley with the help of their students to give you lots of ideas when your imagination is lacking. The tasks are taken from their Level 1 program and cover ground skills and riding. There are individual as well as group games to play and a […]
Wrangler Jayne’s Horsemanship With Heart Program This set of four DVD’s comes in 2 packs – Essentials One and Two, and is highly explanatory and detailed. With several different horses Jayne shows the foundations of trust, confidence and respect – the cornerstones of a successful relationship with your horse. It is an excellent demonstration of ‘getting to know you’ ground skills, […]
Wrangler Jayne’s Relaxed Riding Vol. 1 Wrangler Jayne’s Horsemanship With Heart Program now includes a 3 DVD set on riding. In this set Jayne introduces the foundation skills in the saddle, bareback and without a bit. She gives you detailed practical instruction that will build your confidence and help you be a gentler communicator. This DVD set is a continuation of […]
Horse Playgrounds – Ideas for Creating and using your own horse playground. This great DVD contains step-by-step detailed instructions showing how you can make your very own horse playground. Build a pedestal, jumps, squeezes, car washes, a bridge, mailbox, highway mat, tunnels, teepee, mazes and more. All the plans are simple to understand and include a list of materials that can be purchased at any home supply […]
The Path Of The Horse DVD See a trailer of this ‘must see’ DVD here.
Firehorse Inspirations with Michelle Dennis This is a DVD that challenges us to think about what we do with horses, and why, and poses the question ‘What’s in if for the horse?’ Michelle and her team of horses, ponies, and donkeys give you a more than a glimpse at the possibilities when you take the time to really listen to […]

DVD’s/Videos worth watching:

The Path of The Horse by Stormy May Firehorse Inspirations – Michelle Dennis Horse Playgrounds DVD Wrangler Jayne’s Horsemanship with Heart DVD’s Parelli DVD’s Horses & Horsemen DVD’s of Sam and Sasha Watson Silversands horsemanship – Steve Halfpenny Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling Alexander Nevzorov’s DVD’s Soft Touch Natural Hoof Care with Phil Morrarereviewed Australian Natural Horsemanship – for Ken Faulkner DVD’s

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