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Easy ways to learn hoofcare in your holidays

Free online course

Learn the theory first, then how to trim your own horse.

Equine Soundness is offering the online theory of their student course free of charge to anyone interested. For information how to sign up:
Claudia Garner, Course Director says “We hope this will help horse owners, veterinarians, farriers and barefoot trimmers alike.
This course is open to anyone. Browse and study. If you like what you see, you may want to enroll in our comprehensive professional course. We offer one-on-one instruction and individualized mentoring unlike anything you have ever experienced.”

Taking a quick tour of the course information on offer, I discovered there is a huge amount of material that can be read online or printed and saved for future reference.
Topics include Anatomy of the Hoof, Hoof Functions, Basic Trimming, Shoeing, Problems after De-shoeing, Holisitic Lifestyle and Horse Care, Nutrition, Conformation & Gaits, Medio-Lateral Balance, Donkeys, Mules and other Equines, Club and Coon Foot etc., Laminitis and Founder, Contraction incl. Navicular Syndrome, Other Pathologies, Troubleshooting and Business.

Each topic covers quite a number of ‘chapters’ with lots of photos and illustrations to assist. The Course Sites learning environment is easy to navigate and has a good user manual/student orientation. There is also a discussion forum where the introductions reveal students from all over the world taking part. Although the course doesn’t have any personal assistance, there is a Yahoo group for asking questions.

This course is the ideal way to get all the theory that makes trimming (and caring for your horse in general) successful.

You could then attend some Hoof trimming workshops in your area to learn the practical processes, with their theory component becoming a revision rather than a ‘brain overload’.
Even if you have done other hoofcare courses, there’s always more to learn, and best of all this valuable information is totally free!

Hoof Help Online

It’s been several years in the making but Hoof Help Online is now live. Many people are familiar with The Horse’s Hoof, a quarterly magazine and website that covers all things barefoot. The Horse’s Hoof was created in 2000 by hoof care professional James Welz and his wife Yvonne. The Welzs hope that Hoof Help Online will educate and inspire horse owners looking for advice and assistance with barefoot trimming.

“For only $20 per month, horse owners have access to hoofcare theory, how to trimming instructions, photos, videos and a member’s only forum.
Hoof Help Online is starting out with 50 articles, 70 photo pages, 15 presentations and 15 videos. We even have an interactive file: a 3-Dimensional Coffin Bone that the viewer can turn and spin, so that it can be viewed from every direction.” says Yvonne.

“On the first day of each month, we will add a variety of new articles, photos, presentations, videos, Q&A, etc. The forum will provide the opportunity for us to get constant feedback from our members, and allow us to guide them in understanding and applying our trimming system. Teaching is always a two-way street. We welcome people from every background and experience level. Hoof Help Online is here to show you what we do and why, and then encourage you to develop your own thoughts and ideas. We want hoof care to evolve, for the good of the horse. ”
For more information and to become a member of Hoof Help Online, visit

Pete Ramey DVD sale and new book

From Thanksgiving Day 2011 until Christmas day 2011 only, all of Pete’s DVD sets will be 30% off! These are a fantastic learning resource that cover many and varied hoofcare topics.
Pete Ramey (along with a dream-team of contributing authors) has just released a new textbook . Please take the time to read the outline—this is the most information-dense book we have ever seen, and are very proud of the content packed into it!
A resource any trimmer will find has the most up to date information and research.

Horses Hoof Magazine subscription sale

For the entire month of December, The Horse’s Hoof Magazine subscriptions will be 2 for 1! Buy one subscription and get a 2nd equal subscription FREE! Give both subscriptions as gifts, or extend your current sub and give the 2nd one to your friend. We don’t repeat this offer very often, so take advantage of it while you can.


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