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Empowered Horses

by Imke Spilker

BookEmpoweredHorsesHorsemanship is a continuing journey of learning and evolving. This book is one of those influentual steps in the journey, taking horsemanship to another level by truly considering the horse first.

“Having a dialogue with horses necessitates aquiring a brand new view of things. It means perceiving horses differently. It means being on their side.
How does what I am doing feel to my horse?
How does he feel when I’m doing it?
What could I do to make things easier for him, to make him feel better? ”

These are some of the questions Imke answers and asks more.
“Does your horse truly have a choice?
We give them freedom of space but do we allow them the freedom to choose to be with us, play with us or leave us?
We dream of transformation and new paths, yet our actions manifest as dominance and control. We want to find freedom but we take it away from our horses with every single step. To horses such actions are incomprehensible and oppressive.”

Collective consiousness is evolving to a higher level of awareness about horses as beings that think, feel and act at a level we strive to understand.
This book empowers not only horses, but people to change and grow, and is a must for all who seek a truly equal relationship with their equine friends.

Click Here for the English version website on Imke Spilker’s Communicative Horses.

Click Here for an article by Imke – ‘The horse Is Allowed to Say No’.

Click here to read more about this book in a very good review written in Horses For Life magazine by the translator of the book from German to English– Kristina McCormack.

Available from or for a copy already in Australia go to

One thought on “Empowered Horses

  1. Terri Matthiesson says:

    I am on my last module of a course I have been participating in with Paulette from Ribbleton. I am now sourcing as much information as I can to continue my journey around attunement, communication and building a trustful relationship with my horses.

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