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Through The Eyes Of The Horse by Carlos Tabernaberri

CarlosbookcoverThis is a little book that’s big on wisdom. Packed into its 144 pages are all of Carlos’ philosophies on horses which for me rang true, he has written from the heart and from the horse’s perspective.
Everything he teaches is for the benefit of the horse and ultimately the human who needs to become what they want their horse to be. There’s no truer saying than “Your horse is a reflection of who you are”.

Carlos is known worldwide for the remarkable results he achieves with foals, starting young horses and rehabilitating abused horses. He has been described as one of the gentlest horsemen and promotes the use of a riding halter or bitless bridle. His approach uses consistent, confident and kind leadership to develop trust, obedience and respect in the horse.

He doesn’t require you to use a system, memorise a series of steps or purchase a lot of expensive tools. However, the book does explain with concise analogies and colour photos on how to understand horses and how our actions and attitudes influence them.
Most importantly this book will show you how to consider your horse’s mind and spirit in all the work you do with him or her.
As Carlos says “Once you have your horse’s heart and mind, his body will follow”.

Marty Schiel helped record and produce this wonderful book and says that Carlos is driven to be a sort of ‘equine advocate’ working tirelessly to help another horse, another person. “Time and again I have witnessed the great honesty and courage with which he challenges people to change their thinking and to give up their spurs, whips and bits.”

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