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Flower Essences for People and Pets

Flower essences (remedies) are natural remedies that address negative emotions, sometimes physical ailments, and help to bring about a more positive mind-set. The healing properties of flower essences are made possible through the life force, vibration of the flowers used.
The life force of different flowers are “in tune” with different emotions with flower essences available to address a vast array of emotions, such as depression and worry.

Flower essences have a long history. The Egyptians and early Aboriginals were among those who knew of the subtle healing properties of flowers. However, it was an English general practitioner, Dr Bach, who “rediscovered” them this century, introducing his now well known range of Bach remedies, which includes the popular combination formula, “Rescue Remedy”. Today there are flower essences available from a growing number of companies to assist people (and animals!) with their health and healing.

Flower essences can be purchased as dilute (dosage) or concentrate (stock) strengths (these having a longer shelf life). Flower essences are usually ingested however they can also be used in the bath, spray bottles, added to gentle creams / oils or even rubbed into the skin e.g. over acupressure points As they are delicate, they are best kept away from heat, light and radiation (eg emissions from computers, televisions, mobiles/cell phones).

Flower essences have no direct negative side-effects due to their ingredients (unless one is allergic to alcohol, which most essences contain as a preservative – if one is allergic to alcohol, first consult a professional about possible safe ways to use essences.)

The purpose of essences is to promote healing and personal growth and the well-being these bring. For many people/animals taking essences, the essences work in a subtle, often uplifting way. At times however, they can connect one with the emotions they are addressing i.e. essences working on a negative emotion (eg frustration) can, in the course of shifting the emotion, sometimes bring the negative emotion “to the surface” ie. the emotion can become felt or felt more obviously. When intense this is called a “healing crisis” – symptoms get stronger before they start to ease.

Though this indicates the essence is working, it can at times be uncomfortable for the person/animal involved. It is fine at such times of heightened emotions to stop taking the essence. When/if one is ready to continue the healing process, the flower essence, or perhaps a different one, can then be taken, maybe at a different dose. If in doubt how best to proceed, an essence therapist can be consulted.

essencebottlesEssences are usually taken several times a day. When the essence in question is dealing with powerful emotions however, it is often best to just take them upon retiring, so they can be assimilated during sleep as this is less stimulating for the person/animal involved. In the case of horses especially, it’s important not to give essences before riding/exercising, but rather when the horse is resting eg evening. The same applies to any animal who could pose a danger to themselves or others if they become unsettled during the course of treatment, as emotions are being dealt with, released, healed.

Some people may also find it beneficial to seek some form of counselling while “working through” certain emotional issues (with a flower essence therapist or another practitioner). Because they are vibrational medicine, flower essences can generally be used with other healing modalities, both natural and orthodox. If one is replacing a pharmaceutical medicine with essences e.g. essences for depression to replace an anti-depressant drug, it is however important to discuss withdrawing from the medication in an appropriate way with one’s doctor/vet.

It’s important to recognise some emotional symptoms have a physical cause eg. an illness can cause apathy, depression. Hence, common sense should always be used! Flower essences should not replace important medical attention, so always seek a medical practitioner / therapist when necessary

Flower essences are becoming increasingly recognised as an invaluable way to achieve greater health and happiness. By dissolving and alleviating negative emotions and emotional patterns, essences naturally enhance one’s sense of wellbeing. If health is the sum total of a healthy mind, body and spirit, flower essences then play a remarkable role in promoting and maintaining the health of ourselves and the animals in our lives!Flower2

The Flower Essence Center is an Australian company supplying flower essences for people and pets via their web site: (03) 57 872 258.

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