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Great Books to Read

Wet weather is always a good time to have a few good books on hand. Here’s some I’ve recently read and found worthy of sharing.

Knowing Your Horse by Emma Lethbridge

‘A Guide to Equine Learning, Training and Behavior’

I found this book to be one of the easiest to understand when it comes to explaining learning theory ie: how horses (and other animals) learn, and therefore the most effective way to teach them.

‘Gradually, more of the horse world is embracing learning theory’ states the author, but surprisingly, a study by Warren-Smith and McGreevy in 2008 found a lack of understanding of learning in horses, and the application of learning in training by instructors and coaches. It was found that 79.5% of coaches through positive reinforcement was ‘very useful’, however only 2.8% explained its use in horse training correctly. Punishment was also considered ‘very useful’ by 5.2% of coaches although only 5.4% correctly explained punishment. So it seems if our coaches and instructors don’t know, then we need to learn this stuff for ourselves!

‘The aim of this book is to define learning theory and how to train using this knowledge, simply, clearly, to all people whether they are interested in riding, training, competing, solving behavior problems or simply living a contented life with their horse.’ I believe the book achieves this and more – with real life examples of training tasks, Emma shows how the scientific jargon is translated into actual exercises and problem solving.
Inside this book you will find information on all the different areas of learning theory needed to train your horse. There are helpful learning recaps that summarise the key ideas, training guides and case studies, and even training logs to record your progress.

This book has a permanent place on my ‘must read’ book shelf – I got my copy from for $35.

Horse Sense and Horsemanship by Linda Weritz

‘Ranking, Partnership, Energy Transfer’

Many riders and horse owners have no idea how intimate and beautiful the relationship with a horse can be. This book is about successful training and lifelong friendship through trust and respect, giving you the information on how to become the owner every horse wishes to have.

Linda Weritz explains how mutual trust and respect are the key to a fulfilling partnership between man and horse. Every horse looks for and needs a trustworthy leader, and if a human in the eyes of a horse fail to inspire confidence, the horse is forced to assume responsibility for himself. As soon as the human understands how to establish a twosome ‘mini-herd’ as the basis for a successful relationship, this leads to a true friendship with his equine partner in sport and play.

Contents include:

  • Why ranking is important
  • Realistic ‘partnership’ and friendship with horses
  • Know how: work on ranking
  • Challenges facing the human ‘leader’
  • Communication through energy

Linda Weritz M. A. is passionately devoted to the training and and behavior of horses, specializing in communication between horses and humans. Available from $28 at and most good libraries will probably have it too.

The Path of The Horse by Stormy May

‘From Competition to Compassion’

The Path of The Horse DVD is one of my favorites and certainly one that all those new to a ‘different world of horses’ appreciates. Now Stormy has released the book giving an additional perspective and updated information on her take of how life with horses could be if we are willing to listen to our hearts.  Here is a review from the website where you can download the book for FREE!

Review by Derry McCormick– The EquineSciencesAcademy

More and more horse owners are seeking a better way to care for and interact with their horses. The horse world is steeped, some might say mired, in tradition and change is difficult. It is not always an easy road when one challenges the “way it has always been done.” Stormy May’s The Path of the Horse is a wonderful account of her sometimes difficult awakening to the realities of the horse world as most know it. Her raw honesty in sharing her journey is inspirational and her insight into the process is very helpful for those wanting to move forward, but questioning everything and confused and conflicted. It is especially poignant as it comes from not just a horse owner/lover, but someone who was very successful as a rider/trainer and made a great living with horses. A must read for anyone wanting to find a better way.

Best Selling Books from the Natural Horse World Store

Founder Facts by Jen Clingly and Marg Richardson

This 28 page booklet was written to help horse owners with easy to understand information on founder and laminitis.
While there are lots of in depth books, articles and research papers on this subject, until now there hasn’t been any easy to read and implement action plan outlined for those who have laminitic horses. Click here to buy Founder-Facts for just $4.95

Natural Horse Care The Right Way is By Dr Ann Nyland

Ann Nyland could have titled this book ‘Myth Busting Natural Horse Care’ because that’s exactly what it does.

If you’ve been using natural or alternative supplements, then you really must read this book. It reveals the truth about many natural products such as apple cider vinegar, garlic, sulphur, herbal wormers, copper, along with many other herbs, minerals and feeds we are using.

The contents of this book are backed up by an incredible amount of research with the sources listed in the 21 page bibliography and 17 pages of end notes!

The great thing about this book is it also supplies evidence for the usefulness of some natural minerals and herbs, and discusses the benefits of having our horses barefoot, bitless and treeless. Click here to buy Natural-Horse-Care-The-Right-Way

Horse and Donkey Worms and Worming  by Dr. Ann Nyland

122 pages of up-to-date info on worming.

“A clear easy-to-understand guide to horse and donkey worms and wormers. Although written in easy language for the layperson, the book is heavily referenced to scientific academic journals. Today, the problem worm is the small strongyle yet the vast majority of advice given today for worming horses is still aimed at the old regimens suited for eradicating the large strongyle. Rotation is no longer advocated by equine parasitologists.

The book cuts through the claims about worming products, both chemical and natural / herbal, and presents the scientific evidence. When to worm, resistance, rotational wormings, harrowing, are all covered in this book.” Click here to buy Horse-and-Donkey-Worms-and-Worming

Revealing Your Hidden Horse by Mark Hansen

Its revolutionary approach to understanding horses, horse training and horse care explores traditional and popular paradigms currently in use and tests them against a new 21st century model. This model results in happier human interactions with horses, vastly improved relationships with horses, and most importantly, much healthier horses. Cynthia Cooper says: “I class this book as one of my all time favourites – it is a great read but more importantly, it defines how horsemanship has developed over the centuries to reach the point we’re at today, then gives a road map for the future.” Click here to buy revealing-your-hidden-horse .

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