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Slowfeed Haysaver Round Bale net inside a Durapoly hay feeder.

“Hi Cynthia, I just thought I would let you know how happy we are with the slow feeder haynets that we purchased last year. I originally bought a big round bale feeder with 6cm holes and a large slow feeder net (for the small square normal bales that we get). Both are incredible, but my favourite by far is the round bale net.  It has saved us a huge amount on hay wastage and allows  4-5 horses to slowly eat hay and take turns doing so. We put it in our hay ring to ensure no hooves are around the net, and they manage to munch it down to nothing.

Well done on such an incredibly well made product.  I just purchased 2 more and wanted to share this  photo with you. The horses  woke up to this treat on Christmas morning….” Lisa in WA.

Read more customer reviews here by clicking on the Reviews tab. Durapoly Hay Feeders can be purchased from

Slowfeed Net Tips

  1. Is your horse frustrated and tearing the net? Or your pony eating the hay too fast? Hanging a net off the ground makes it harder for the horse to grasp the hay, so torn nets can result. But this is a great way to slow down ponies who seem to be more dexterous with their lips and teeth. They may even need a second net over the first to make the holes smaller!
  2. Nothing to secure your net to? Tie your net to a large tyre to stop it being dragged through manure etc. Tying a clip on the tyre  with baling twine makes it easy to clip the net drawstring on and off for re-filling. It also enbables you to move the tyre to different locations to minimize soil compaction and spread hay seeds.
  3. Horses leaving hay? Tying the nets at both ends is not recommended because it doesn’t allow the horse to flip the net over to access hay on both sides. If the hay is not so palatable in one part of the bale, then they can at least access another part if they can move the net around, so tie by the drawstring only. Also stops horses gaining more ‘purchase’ on the netting so less risk of tearing holes.

New Tough Nets and 6cm Netting

New net sizes in 48 ply.

We are now manufacturing all the net sizes in tough 48 ply netting for a stronger more durable net. While they cost a bit more, they will withstand those horses that are hard on nets.
The Round bale and XL square bale nets are now available in 6cm hole netting for those that don’t need to slow down the eating but want to contain the hay and save wastage. 6cm netting is also ideal for the more stalky cereal hays which can be harder to get through the smaller 4cm holes. Round bale nets come in 4×4′ or 5×4′ sizes and are made from the tough 48 ply net.  Click here to purchase from the Natural Horse World Store.

Easy Net Filler

Stablehand Haynet Filler

Goodwoods Saddlery sell the Stablehand Haynet Filler – a handy way to fill those smaller nets (mini and small size). The plastic sleeve is just firm enough to stand up and spread the net open, allowing the hay to slide in.  A great solution when you have a few nets to fill and only 1 pair of hands! At $17.95 (+ $8.95 postage) its worth every cent. Order online here.

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