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Hi everyone , my name is Monica, I live in France and would like to share with you my discovery of equine massage with Jim Masterson.
This method can be for horse owners, trainers, and equine therapists, its up to the individual,  how far you want to go with it.

As a horse owner I am always searching how to be  a better a person for the horse.  I was first introduced to this method by a friend who showed me a clip on you tube 😉
Wow we said , this stuff looks amazing. So we went to the  Masterson Method web site and ordered the DVD, Equine massage for performance horses Masterson Method.

This method recognises that the horse exhibits certain neurological responses to touch as the  horse relaxes and releases tension.
It is a method in which the horse participates in the process, he tells you exactly where the stress is, how much pressure to use and when it is released.
It is an integrated method that applies  a combination of different modalities and techniques to release tension in the muscles and connective tissues that restrict comfort and movement in the structure or skeleton of the body.
Tension patterns in the muscle and connective tissue of the joints from pain or repetitive work can create restrictions in joints and major junctions of the body. This accumulated stress can restrict movement and affect performance.
The horse reaches a point where he can’t  completely release this stress or tension on his own, even after the work , injury, or pain that caused the pattern is gone.

Monica trims Viggo while Molly the mule supervises

The interesting thing is this method works for all horses, not only sports horses, although in my humble opinion all sports horses deserve this wonderful technique.

My mule and horse live out 24/7 with their other horse freinds, they have lots of space , with different terrain and some woods, free choice hay and access to clean water. They are a good healthy happy herd.  My mule is  a pasture pet  and my horse is only  trail ridden occaisionally, in a bosal and good fitting saddle. They are both  barefoot and sound, and both 5 years old. One would imagine they cannot hold any stress anywhere.  However I was totally wrong.
After watching the masterson method dvd  equine massage for performance horses, quite a few times , I felt brave enough to go out and try it on my horse, I had nothing to lose as the horse participates and being the proud owner of a mule I have had plenty of experience of being told when I don’t  get it quite right, and that, persistent patience is a virtue.

It was an amazing experience. My horse did participate. I found he had some stress in his left shoulder and around his poll.
At first he said, ‘hey what are you doing? I am not sure if I can show you my weak spots.’ Which soon turned into, ‘hey how did you know I was sore there? ‘  To, snort lick chew  yawn, ‘thank you thats better.’
With my mule, well she just enjoyed the whole session,  relaxed into it  with lovely deep breathing and soft eyes totally in the ‘zone’ , quite unusual for her who likes to know exactly whats going  on within a 10 mile radius!

So now I am totally hooked. I enrolled to do the weekend seminar workshop in England, which was so helpful to be able to learn with Jim himself and participate on different horses,  with like minded people. I have finished an equine anatomy course, attended a level 1, five day certification course and am now a level 2 student on my way to qualification.

Whatever suits you , from being a normal horse owner who wants to deepen the relationship with her/his horse, to becoming a qualified practitioner, this method is here to stay and can help  horses the world over.
The results are amazing, the horse shows you, and all us horse people know there is nothing in the world that can replace the feeling of a horse that loves you, not even mastercard 🙂


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  1. Where are you in France, Monica? I am in the Gers & wld love to talk to you.

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