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Hear what your horse has to say

– by Danielle Coleman

DaniellesHorsesEver since I started learning about animal communication from popular authors such as Marta Williams, Amelia Kincade and J.Allen-Boone, I discovered we’re all able to communicate on an energetic level if we can just learn to quiet the chatter in our minds and be prepared to accept what we hear or ‘get’ or feel.
Some people hear what animals say in words, others see it in written form or as a film and yet others get a feeling or emotion that tells them what the animal is saying.
Some find it easier than others to hear our non-verbal friends, but often all it takes is a little know-how and practice.

Those that find it comes easily to them sometimes offer their services to people who don’t have the time or interest in learning this skill.
One such person is Danielle Coleman who has been practicing animal communication for a few years now, ever since she attended a workshop with Trish McGagh from .
Danielle is now helping people every day to find out what their animal is wanting to say.
She works via email, with just a photo and the name of the animal which she then contacts during a meditation to ask the questions listed by the owner.
The answers are returned by email and a follow up phone call.
Danielle says sometimes people don’t like what they hear or don’t get the answers they expected.

“There have been so many memorable, funny, amazing outcomes during my time communicating with animals – from my own horses telling me I talk to much! To my young horse telling me I have a lot to learn.
Another funny comment from a horse when the owner asked why does he be silly when being clipped – the horse replied “I don’t like being bald, would you like to be”!
Once your animal realises that you are acknowledging them you can communicate with them and while you are trying, they will never stop helping you and also showing you that you are on the right track.
All it takes is for you to talk to your horse like a human being, and your life will change forever.
If you want acknowledgement from them to make sure you are on the right track, then don’t be scared to ask for it. I use to say to my animals via telepathy.. Neera, if you can hear me, can you please walk right up to me and touch me with your nose. Sure enough I would open my eyes and she would be standing in front of me touching me with her nose.

I say to my horses “Come on, if you want to come for a ride meet me at the gate in a minute”. Sure enough when I go outside they are waiting at the gate, put their heads in their halters and off we go for a ride”.

Have you ever wondered why your animals do certain things?
Have you ever wanted to know what they enjoy? What they dislike? Why they do certain behaviour that is unlike them normally? There are no limits to what you can ask your animal friend.

If you are interested in having a consultation done, or are just interested in having a chat, then please call Danielle on 0429 706 412, or email
Consultations are at an introductory price of $40.00. This will allow you to ask up to 7 questions, or $50.00 for 12 questions.

“When I first contacted Danielle with some questions to put to my own horse, I must admit, I was fairly sceptical about ‘animal communication’! But Danielle’s responses to the questions were so accurate and so in tune with the character of my horse that I had to believe that there was definitely something in it.
Since that first time, Danielle has spoken with friends’ animals – both horses and dogs which she’d never seen, nor met and who were owned by people she did not know.
Every single animal’s responses have exactly suited their character and Danielle has consistently mentioned images and facts which only the owner would have known.
Danielle has helped me to assist a horse which was on my property who was overworked, emotionally withdrawn and very depressed, not to mention in pain and sore. After the first consultation where he showed he was very unhappy and confused, he also showed Danielle sore areas that required urgent attention.
Danielle’s suggestions of sore areas were backed up by the chiropractor and the masseuse who looked at this horse.
His final consultation showed he felt like an entirely different horse, one who was bright, full of energy and once again enjoying his work.
It is thanks to these consultations with Danielle that helped us follow the right steps to enable him to change his outlook. He is now competing overseas and apparently doing very well!” Northern Tasmania lady.

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