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Himalayan Rock Salt

is an excellent choice to include in the diet because it assists digestion and enhances absorption allowing MICRO NUTRIENTS to be absorbed easily into the blood stream where cellular functions take place. ie., provide the nutrient support that maintains healthy cells and a healthy body.

The tremendous pressure in the formation of the Himalayan mountains created Himalayan Rock Salt, the ideal salt crystal and the many elements within it are colloidal and readily absorbed.
When table salt (or rock salt) is sold, minerals are often regarded as “impurities” and are removed during processing. Commercial salt licks are made with table salt, and nutrients are often added later during the manufacturing process.


Himalayan salt licks already contain these minerals and nutrients without any processing. The levels of the minerals are more likely to be healthy to consume, since they are naturally occurring within the salt.
Salt from the Himalayan mountains is nourished by the nutrient-rich water and soil in the area, and contains upwards of 84 minerals, including calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper, and iron. Calcium promotes muscle strength and nourishes the bones, leading to stronger and healthier bones, joints, teeth, and hooves. Magnesium is particularly wonderful for your active horse, providing relief for tired and aching muscles. Potassium is essential for a strong heart, while Iron keeps your horse’s blood healthy.

Another benefit of Himalayan Rock salt is the fact that it is so hard, horses have a hard time biting off chunks as they can with regular softer salt licks.
You can tie the lick anywhere your horses like to hang out and if you have other animals like goats, sheep or cattle, they will love the lick too so put it at a height they can also reach. With the lick off the ground, there’s little chance of contamination by dirt or faeces.
Himalayan Rock salt is totally natural so give your horse the best salt supplement – you can purchase from your local produce store that stocks Minrosa products.

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